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In the heart of the machine represented in WoT, taken a real armor and existing projects, but the game is full of historical inconsistencies, even within the accepted conventions. Yes, it is so well known. Some of them eventually corrected – something which, however, did not immediately noticeable, well, how much has already been announced. In general, it is easy to quite figure out how to get rid of many, do no harm (at least much) other components of the game, to make the tanks in the game longer corresponded to their real-world counterparts. During that play WoT, I had a bunch of ideas, with almost all taken from the book; I myself have invented quite a bit gag, but based on real-life projects and it seems very plausible. So I tell them, briefly, the essence, because rebalancing in most cases should be significant. A blog seems to get a lot.

The first will be the German medium tanks.

Pz III and Pz IV

With respect to Pz III and Pz IV the most important thing – to wait, when there will be pumping shells, because now triples and quadruples in top configurations are a hodgepodge of buildings, towers and guns of various modifications. Although you can start to make HD-model such that it is in top form all the modules fit together.

Pz III Ausf. A (as well as other pre-production modification – B, C and D) in reality only developed a speed of 35-40 km / h, was armed 3.7 cm gun and the motor HL TR 108 had a capacity of 250 liters. p., unlike slot 320 l. p. In the game, in addition, the tank is almost three times heavier and better protected Tower modification E. Including leveling the hull that combines the Pz III Ausf. A, B, C and D, is best suited to the second level.

The third level will fill Pz III Ausf. E, F, G: 30-mm armor around, instrument 5 cm KwK 38 L / 42, the speed of 40 km / h or 68 km / h depending on the modification, engines HL 120 TR and HL 120 TRM (differed only small modifications ), develops a maximum of 300 liters. p. with nominal capacity of 265 liters. s., and did not play 350 liters. p. and 440 l. p. To split the two engines in the game HL 120 TR can give their rated capacity and HL 120 TRM – maximum.

To compensate for the deterioration of the dynamics of the Pz III fourth level representing the modification of H, J, L, M and N, the simplest seen improved performance tools, primarily the increase in armor penetration 5 cm KwK 39 L / 60 conventional armor-piercing projectile to 77-80 and sabot mm to 150 mm. All that matters is that the game is the value of the armor-piercing guns the same as those that can be seen in the books, but they are only given for the results of firing on an inclined plate armor.

Excessive engine power is also a problem of modifications Pz.Kpfw. IV – they are equipped with the same motors as Pz III. In addition, 10.5 cm howitzer, which in the game armed with Pz IV Ausf. H, could not fit into his tower, taking into account the conservation in her three crew members. Instead, the tank can be given a weapon Waffe 0725, what with the conical barrel is actually tested for Pz IV Ausf. F (even if it’s kind of like this modification is in play on the fourth level). Pz IV Ausf. H, is likely to become similar to the current VK 30.01 (H).

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Pz.Kpfw. IV with a weapon Waffe 0725 [1,999,003]

Further projects replacements Pz III and Pz IV

VK 20.01 (D) in the game is equipped with a tower Pz III Ausf. M, will come later of the tank. Because the 5 cm KwK 39 L / 60 can be installed in its own tower VK 20.01 (D), and then that should be a top (well, yes, the differences are very small, but still), and can be used as a drain tower Pz III Ausf. E / F, which is to replace and develop VK 20.01 (D). In addition, the MB 809 engine developed capacity of 350-360 liters. v., not 400 liters. p. – Here again, we will have to improve the way guns.

Pz.Kpfw. III / IV project had a head-on book thickness of 80 mm for 30-mm-board (for example, by the way, once it was in the game, then why change something that you can see now), and the tank is the pinnacle of Pz IV. It is possible to put the tank on the sixth level, wherever he may be better looking. To do this, just add a “simplified tower» (Vereinfachter Turm), developed for the Pz IV at the same time as the Pz III / IV, which could be armed with a weapon 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70. There is no information that it was a version of the tank ever planned, but the connection is very large projects, and it is known that the Germans really have studied the possibility of installing 70-caliber guns on the upgraded chassis Pz IV. Armor forehead towers – 80 mm depth – 42 mm.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Vereinfachter Turm with a gun 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70 [1,999,003]

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
So could look Pz.Kpfw. III / IV with a “simplified tower” and 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70 [1,999,003]

In place of the Pz III / IV will approach a distant relative of the Quartet, the direct ancestor of the company Panther MAN – VK 20.02 (M). It is very similar to the current gaming Pz III / IV: had 50 mm front and 40 mm sloped armor board, 360-horsepower engine and HL 90 cannon 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 43, in addition to which the game can add 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 48.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Housing VK 20.02 (M) [1,999,003]

Now Panther

The top of the tower VK 30.02 (M) – Tower first production series Panther Ausf. D. When replacing the HD model or entering the hull pumpable will need to provide housing and modification D, which differed from the prototype primarily forehead 80 mm thick.

In the game the tower Schmalturm tank Panther Ausf. F can be placed 7.5 cm gun with a barrel length of 100 calibers. However, it is still suggested to Panther Ausf. D, and we can assume that the further development of it could be put on Panther Ausf. A, but this option was rejected weapons. To reflect this situation, the game can make a 100-caliber gun-only drain the tower (and later also add the stock body modification A with side armor of smaller thickness, but at a steep angle) instead of as a top arms add 7.5 cm KwK 44 / 2 L / 70, designed for Panther Ausf. F. This instrument had the same armor penetration as a conventional gun Panther, but was equipped with – ta-ladies – automatic loader for four shells (in the game it is possible to reduce the number to three); are tested, among other things.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Here is another had

Panther II in the game currently does not have its towers: two towers of the number of modules have been developed after the completion of work on the tank, and the modification Schmalturm under 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71 more and had a wider chase. Without a long pull Panther II 8.8 above the seventh level is hardly possible.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Panther II

At the end of E 50 and something else [1,999,003]

E 50 will be on the eighth level after Panther, because the ninth and tenth levels, he holds only by fictitious 10.5 cm guns and towers. According to some reports, the tank was supposed to arm cannon 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71, which is just standing in the game at Panther II. In addition, the thickness of the armor is the same as that of heavy tank of the same period – Tiger II – for the middle looks very inappropriate, and the known design weight of about 40 tons of housing also seems unlikely. Although more it is known that E 50 and E 75 was planned to establish the same tower, with a possible difference of only booking. This means that the E 50 can be equipped with the most likely instrument of E 75 – 10.5 cm KwK L / 68, which will allow him to stay on the ninth level, divided as it is now on the two options, but it will have to come up with a plausible new tower for two tanks.

Also for the ninth level suitable prototype tank Leopard Working Group B. In the game it will be slightly different from the existing prototype Leopard, the same eggs, in short, and in the branch he does not really fit, but there is.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Leopard – the prototype B1 [1,999,003]

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Leopard – the prototype of B2 [1,999,003]

So, what can be, in my opinion, to replace the E 50 Ausf. M on the tenth level. In the late 1960s, the firm Blohm + Voss has developed a new tank – even more conceptual design – and set a goal as much as possible to reduce the silhouette. It was believed that this would help to delay the detection of the tank, even for a second, but it will have an advantage in the tank duel. By then it was already well known that the largest number of hits in the tank falls to the tower, and they are dangerous for the whole crew, most of which is in it. In addition, only getting into the tower, and yet there it is most likely to jeopardize the crew when applying bacteriological, chemical or nuclear weapons. It was decided to move the carriage into the housing, isolate it from the crew compartment and minimize tower, especially in the frontal projection. The gun was equipped with automatic loading, the crew was reduced to three people, housed in the body in a sealed capsule with a thick armor, while in other places the booking was much weaker. Widely applied spaced booking – screens everywhere.

Little is known about the project, most likely he was not sufficiently mature. Here the developers have space options for customizing the tank. Based on the design, the gun – clearly L7. In the eyes of the figure exemplary thickness forehead Corps – 100 mm depth – 90 mm in the area separating the crew and 20 mm in all other places, the screen – 30 mm, the book tower – 50 mm. But this, of course, speculation, there is no data. AZ can be implemented as a fast-track through overcharging and available to play drum mechanics.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
Tank Blohm + Voss [1,999,003]

Немного историчнее. Немецкие СТ
later version of the tank


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