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On the replacements. Let’s see that in recent years in this area appear in the game. That’s what I remember right: the tower and replaced in some places weapons in M5 / M5A1, M8 / M8A1, T49 / T67, M24, announced radical changes in the characteristics and FV4202 Tiger P2 rear-towers, their transfers to other levels and replacement, respectively Centurion Action X and Mäuschen, FV215b 120 will smenёn on Chieftain, Aufkl.Pz. Panther on the SP IC, GW E 100 on Grille 30, WT E 100 will change at some vafentreger based Panther, promising that this is kind of like a real project. About something of this in addition to the other players before asked myself.
This is simply because I write about many things at once, so it seems that th how many and who will do it. Yes, something still done. So do not whine about vsetlennosti and is often reminded of the fact that I want to see in the game. In order, so if the developers did not have time to deal with this, if not forgotten. But, of course, it is clear that so much about what you can read in my posts, get fast and will not work.
Like any idea? So, if you wish, repeat if possible.

At this time, the post – on the German heavy tanks.

branch Porsche

what changes will take place with one of Tiger P2, of course, very good. But the second is currently implemented no better. In general, the two differed only in the tank arrangement in the main parameters were the same. The body had a 80-mm circular book, and the only tower, designed for this machine – the first tower, designed specifically to accommodate the instruments 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71, “Porsche Tower” – 100-mm front and 80 mm board book (standard Tower Tiger II was set up after the completion of the VK 45.02 (P)). The most powerful engine is regarded as the power plant – two Porsche Deutz Typ 180/1 with total capacity of 740 liters. c., in the game as a top engine power significantly increased to 840 liters. p. So that Tiger P2 c front-tower is the place on the seventh level.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
VK 45.02 (P) Tiger P2
clearly seen that the thickness of the housing is less than the thickness of the forehead 100 mm front plate tower

To replace Tiger P2 on the eighth level, suitable VK 100.01 (P) – the very first version of the super-heavy tank Porsche. Sometimes it is called Mammut, even where it went is unknown. The thickness of the forehead hull and turret – 120 mm depth – 100 mm and 120 mm, respectively. When a mass of 120 tonnes provided for the engine capacity of only 650 liters. p. As the weapons were considered instruments of 15 cm KwK L / 40 with reduced weight and less powerful shells 12.8 cm KwK L / 50 – a shortened version of 12.8-cm guns Sturer Emil.

It is already known that it will be a premium or spetstankom, so alas. Read it here.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
VK 100.01 (P) [1,999,003]

In the presence of Tiger P2 at the seventh level of Tiger (P) there is no longer needed, and it can be moved to the sixth. Make it easy, considering that initially all Porsche Tigers were built with a 100-mm frontal armor, and the engine power in the game a little overstated: according to various sources, it was 620-640 liters. c., the game can also see 670 liters. p. And besides that, among the modules is not the only powerplant fought Tiger (P) – Spark HL 120 TRM total capacity of 530 liters. p. Tank, of course, lose cannon 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71. There is an option to add a 10.5 cm KwK L / 47 cannon shortened Dicker Max, although it was suggested to VK 30.01 (P) – but is closely related to the development of the tanks, and the tower so all the same.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
Tiger (P) without additional 100-mm armor plates [1,999,003]

Yes, Tiger (P) and the seventh level is not bad, but it will allow the transfer of more and something better. VK 30.01 (P) can easily become a heavy tank of the fifth level, the more that he developed as a heavy and book well suited. Disappear unhistorical need for a tank cannon 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70 engines and Tiger (P), the top-end will be “native” Porsche Typ 100 engine capacity of 420 liters. p.

branch Henschel

On a par with Tiger (P) should be and Tiger (H). And on the sixth level, of course, a cannon 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71 away from pumping, and thus become more ambiguous choice between the towers with 7.5 cm and 8.8 cm guns.

In place of the Tiger (H) can put an early version of the Tiger II, called non VK 45.03 (H) or Tiger III. From serial Tiger II, he was distinguished mainly 100mm VFD, surveillance devices of the driver and the installation of a machine gun course. Tower – the first tower under 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71, “Porsche Tower”.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
Housing VK 45.03 (H) Tiger III [1,999,003]

On the role of heavy tank seventh level is also suitable VK 45.02 (H), which was a mostly a Tiger (H) with a sloping armor and cannon 8.8 cm KwK 43 L / 71, but information about this project, little is known.

VK 30.01 (H) now has a tower in the game VK 36.01 (H) with guns Waffe 0725, and 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70, while the most powerful weapons, which in reality could be installed in the tower VK 30.01 (H) – 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 43. At DW II Tower VK 30.01 (H), but there is no way to put a 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 43, although this tank guns are lacking in order to fight on equal terms with tanks, infantry horoshobronirovannymi fourth level. The problems of irregular towers and unhistorical weapons added that the top-end engine VK 30.01 (H) is a 400-horsepower 150 HL is much more powerful than the set is actually a 300-strong HL 116. Taking into account possible future leveling buildings seems logical association machines one heavy tank of the fourth level. There are also transfer VK 30.01 (H) on the fourth level and output DW II in a premium tanks, both machines will be in the form of historicity.

On the fifth level before Tiger (H) rise VK 65.01 (H). The tank was protected by armor thickness up to 80 mm (scheduled to increase to 100 mm), has a mass of 65 tons and was powered by a 224 HL engine capacity of 600 liters. p. As armament was chosen cannon 7.5 cm KwK 37 L / 24, but also considered 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 43 and 10.5 cm KwK L / 20. The list of weapons in the game it is possible to add 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 48 and 10.5 cm KwK L / 28.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
VK 65.01 (H) [1,999,003]

VK 36.01 (H) in the top-end configuration has a turret VK 45.01 (H) Ausf. H2 and cannon 8.8 cm KwK 36 L / 56, which in this tower would not even fit enough for a wide shoulder strap; Tower has been designed specifically for instruments 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70. VK 36.01 (H) does not need towers from other tanks. It is enough Waffe 0725 in its own drain the tower, which should be the top grade, but as a sink suitable Tower VK 30.01 (H).

cannon 12.8 cm KwK 44 L / 55, E is the top at 75, could not get into the tower Tiger II, which is equipped with a tank in the game; most likely armament is a tool of 10.5 cm KwK L / 68. You can think of for this gun feathered piercing projectiles with detachable tray for use as a “goldovogo”; such missiles – Pz.Gr. 44 – really developed and tested in Germany, but smaller caliber: 3.7, 7.5, 8.8 cm. A usual – also come up with another Subcaliber, conventional construction and steel core instead of tungsten and therefore with the worst armor penetration than Current piercing projectiles 10.5 cm KwK L / 68. But in addition to improper orudiyayu, although there is no accurate data on the reservations E 75, most likely it was to be at the level of Tiger II. I think that is still the tank is more suited to the eighth level.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
3.7 cm feathered piercing projectiles [1,999,003]

On the ninth level instead of E 75 is suitable Tiger-Maus. The body of the tank is not very different from the case of E 100, however, the project involved the use of the engine and transmission Tiger II, that the weight of 130 tons would provide only a very mediocre mobility (but pinned hopes for the future development of the engine capacity of 1000 liters. S.). For it was assumed the same tower as for superheavy tank Porsche weapons – 15 cm KwK L / 37. If we Mäuschen appear in the game, and the Tiger-Maus will insert.

zadrotov GC does not like

tank, which the game is named VK 72.01 (K), are essentially the same Löwe, which is in eighth level, only rear-tower, and did not differ from him on booking, engine, weight and mobility. It’s just a different layout options for the same project. 15-cm instrument is considered for him – is 15 cm KwK L / 40 is likely the same that was later chosen for the VK 100.01 (P), that is less powerful than the one that stands today. VK 72.01 (K) with more realistic characteristics for the role of a special tank eighth level.

Special tank as the tenth level can be a variant of the tank Maus end of 1942, which is well on the parameters corresponds to the way the game is presented in the VK 72.01 (K). The thickness of the shell of the forehead – 200 mm depth – 180 mm, the forehead and the sides of the tower – 220 and 180 mm, respectively. Armament – 15 cm KwK L / 37, 12.8 cm KwK L / 61 or 12.8 cm KwK L / 70. The machine weighing about 160 tons had to drive the engine capacity of 780 liters. p. or 1000 liters. p.

Немного историчнее. Немецкие ТТ
Draft tank Maus autumn of 1942 [1,999,003]


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