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Ещё немного о версии 9.6
Friends! In World of Tanks 0.9.6 more than 35 graphics settings, responsible for almost all the components of the “picture” and affect performance. We will help you to understand all the intricacies of the graphics settings in the game, tell what technologies are hidden behind each of the parameters, and show how to increase FPS.

Retraining of crew members on other specialty

speciality_01 Perhaps each player, having played more than a thousand fights in the barracks will find some “extra” tank, a specialty that remain in demand . Demobilize sorry for them: guys experienced, but there is such a tank, where they can be used. We are pleased to announce that soon the situation will change!

The update 9.6 will be the long-awaited opportunity to change the specialization of the crew members. In the individual case under tankman main specialty button appears Change . By clicking it, you will be able to choose a class equipment, tank and, most importantly, a new specialty!

Preliminary cost operation – 500 gold . It is due to the fact that a player commits three steps at a time: my main specialty, profile tank and reset the additional skills tankman.

As a result of retraining player receives tankman desired specialty him, studied at 100%, and the opportunity to choose for him relevant additional skills under the new specialty.

Reducing review Tank Destroyers

The update 9.6 overview of many PT-ACS will be reduced. Amount by which the change review, is calculated for each machine individually according to its characteristics and role on the battlefield. For example, for assault PT-ACS who are at the forefront together with heavy tanks, the changes will be minimal. But the self-propelled guns, designed for long range, will be affected to a greater extent.

This measure is aimed at combating the problem, which was the nickname of the players’ shooting the bushes. ” PT-ACS become less universal, and the role of tanks, fighting or providing intelligence on the first line, will increase.

Update contacts

Version 9.6 will be processed box “Contacts “. Henceforth, it will work on a more convenient and familiar to users of the system. “Add Friend” is now a mutual and requires confirmation. Write personal messages to each other can be absolutely all the players, except when you or your sender are in the “black list”. In addition, more will be added some useful features: the distribution of contacts into groups, creating group chats and others.

Game mechanics in the update 9.6: refinement of accuracy

offensively and up very familiar to each of us the situation: the enemy rolls out from behind cover and, without wasting time on mixing, making effective shot and then quickly get out of hand shelling. Doubly frustrating if it happens in the midst of battle when the outcome varies very much depends on the number of points is the strength of your machine.

On why is this happening and how developers are going to make a difference, will be discussed in this article.

Circle of information can be divided into 10 zones (central zone – the tenth, followed by a decrease until the first zone on the border of the circle). Each zone has a range of information is a certain probability that the projectile gets it in her. The current distribution of shells inside the circle information on zones can be seen in the chart below *:

* The illustration depicts the result of shelling targets after 3000 shots.

As can be seen in the image, the maximum density of the fire is concentrated in the areas adjacent to the center of the circle information. Most likely has now hit the central sector. It is for this reason that at the moment there is always a chance to get a stray shell in the commander’s cupola or other vulnerable point of the enemy, which is simply a marker there navёl sight and made the shot, not even thinking of the Code.

In the gaming community for such cases, the term “the guard” or “Rainbow” – score shot made at random, without any information. The regular repetition of situations when hitting the target is weakly dependent on the accuracy of the instruments and the degree of preparation of the shot, contrary to the logic of the game and requires correction.

With the release of update 9.6 the number of shots was significantly reduced distribution of shells in a circle details will be finalized.

In order to get the probability of “the bull’s eye” when shooting without the information down, there will be as follows: the probability of hitting the center of the circle of information is reduced from 16% to 10% while equally increase the chances of getting into the zone adjacent to it. These changes make it possible to maintain the density of fire at the same level and at the same time increase the dependence of the result of the shot information sight. An illustrative example in the figure below.


As can be seen from the figure, when shooting with incomplete information area of ​​greatest density of fire is considerably greater than the size of vulnerability, in this case, turrets radioman KV-5. Within this region, the shells are distributed fairly evenly, with no distinct clusters of hits – due to a similar change will decrease the number of “vertuhanov.”

When complete information all right – the defeat of vulnerability is very likely. Be aware of these changes and shoot for sure: that no shot, the goal!

Good luck in battle!

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