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A Mirage Appears in Update 2.7
2016-03-02 20:00:00 / News

The newest map for Blitz is called ‘Mirage,’ but it’s no mirage—in fact it’s very real—and you’ll be able to try it out once Update 2.7 arrives.

Set in North Africa, Mirage combines three biomes: beach, desert, and oasis. The flag in the middle of the desert dunes will no doubt see fierce combat as teams battle to capture it, but beware — the dunes can protect you from long-range attacks, but on the other hand, they can offer a vantage point for enemies to strike from above.

A train on raised tracks separates the desert from the beach, giving cover to those assaulting inland or protecting those that prefer to stay around the seaside village that takes up much of the map’s oceanfront. The beach also feature some shallow inlets, use them to go under the train tracks but watch out for the trucks and jeeps already stranded in the deeper water.

The lush oasis is the most impressive part of the map, including the massive waterfall in its center. This area will no doubt see some fierce shootouts thanks to its location between both team spawns and cover afforded by its buildings and surrounding hills. The waterfall empties into a small lake, but be caseful wading in too deep.

Get ready to battle on Mirage in Update 2.7!

For more screenshots, check out our portal article.

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