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In warfare by Japan was typical for all of the island nation. In the first place it was important for the fleet and aviation. Ground forces is not something to be on the poorest families, but clearly inferior in technical equipment European armies, “sharpened” under the war on the land theater of war.

Very good it was evident in armored vehicles. Even the most advanced Japanese car of mass, “Shinhoto Chi-Ha” looked pale against the backdrop of the Soviet T-34, the German Pz.Kpfw. IV and US “Sherman.” Serial heavy tanks, the Japanese did not have at all.

Metropolis at risk

Backlog Japan as the tanks were not the result of an error command. To fight the Japanese mainly accounted for by the Pacific Islands. Tanks and serving the entire infrastructure had to be delivered to the sea, which inevitably imposes a limit on the weight of military vehicles. Features of the island landscape is also not conducive to the use of heavy and bulky tanks. The only large continental rival Japan, China, was badly armed, and against his army combat power of Japanese tanks, too, is more than enough.

December 7, 1941 Japan attacked the United States. After that, the triumphal procession of the Imperial Army on Pacific islands. The Japanese seized the Philippines, many islands of Oceania, New Guinea won the part. In order to change the situation, the Allied troops had to spend a lot of time and effort.

During its dominance in the Pacific, the Japanese created a kind of perimeter defense, which played the role of island strongholds. Then the Americans gradually began to “recoup” In June 42 th the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers in the Battle of Midway. Half-year battle for the island of Guadalcanal, which ended in February, 43rd US victory deprived Japan strategic initiative. Then defensive perimeter cracked under the blows, and the Americans slowly, island after island, began to approach the Japanese islands.

In 1943, Japan, which did not have its own heavy tanks, has decided to seek help from their allies, the Germans developed one of the most effective tanks of the Second World War – “Tiger”.

In this situation, the military elite of the empire had to think about the dangers of the landing of US troops on the Japanese islands. To counter a possible invasion, they needed heavy tanks, present Japan except in projects, none of which are embodied in the metal. But the allies from Germany and has been successfully fought a new formidable tank – Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger.

cargo without prospects

Initially Germany willingly responded to the request of the Axis allies. Hiroshi Oshima, the Japanese ambassador was invited to the training ground in Kummersdorf, showed production of “Tiger” factories Henschel – just close enough acquainted with the product. The ambassador was delighted and entered into negotiations with the Ministry of arms of Germany.

Two sets of technical documentation on microfilm handed over to the Japanese in 1943. There was a question about buying the actual tank. Cost of “Tiger” in prices in 1943 was approximately 300 thousand Reichsmarks. Ministry of arms and the company “Henschel” asked for a tank 645,000. Price transcendental, but not the fact that the Germans decided to just capitalize on overseas allies. The first tank was sold fully stocked – with ammunition, optics and radio. Secondly, the Germans were prepared to carry out self-disassembly and packing tank before heading to Japan. Plus, apparently, here is included and the cost of technical documentation.

Why dismantle? Then, that the main difficulty was not the purchase and delivery of the “Tigers” to Japan. The idea of ​​a carriage on a surface vessel immediately rejected: too dangerous allies dominate the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. We decided to use a submarine. But there was the question: what will sustain a huge boat, nearly 30-ton body? Submarine aircraft carriers capable to take such a load at this point is still in the building. So to be in Japan, “Tiger” could still very long. Under the most optimistic forecasts expect customers accounted for approximately December 44th.

Жертва обстоятельств. Как Япония покупала «Тигр»
“Tiger” would like to take out about a submarine project I-400 [1,999,003]

Nevertheless, the tank was sent to the French port of Bordeaux. In February 1944, the Japanese paid the order and the tank officially became theirs. But he remained dead weight with an uncertain future. In the summer of the 44th the Allies landed in Normandy, putting Germany in a difficult position.

Decision of the General Command of the Army from the September 21, 1944 the Germans took the Japanese “Tiger” for rent (according to other sources – requisitioned) and handed over to the army. So he got lost somewhere on the Western Front.

In World of Tanks in addition, as a German tree of, the Tiger is also represented in the Japanese branch as a premium heavy tank level 6. Overview Premium tank read here, and guide on it you will find here.

Text writer – Vladimir Pinaev


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