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Hello everyone,

yesterday, a piece of news appeared on some WoT webpages (including the Wotleaks) about Yuri Pasholok “confirming the appearance of AA tanks in the game”.


Basically, the person asking was referring to various AA vehicles for low tiers, specifically those with automatic guns, that would play the role of “Waffenträgers” on low tiers. Yuri Pasholok replied with “when it’s done it’s done” and some folks interpreted that in the way that we’ll be getting new vehicle class – AA tanks.

Well, not quite. First of all, I asked – and there are no such plans for now. Yuri can have access to this kind of information as well (he’s WG’s main historical consultant), but he’s also known as a troll on forums (by the way, if you run into a commenter “yuripasholok” in FTR comments, yes, that’s him), so I guess he was just trolling, OR he was referring to more multi-purpose tank destroyers such as the Sfl IVc, which, in real life, was a dual purpose vehicle. So don’t expect Wirbelwind or quad 50 cals or anything.

There is a core of truth in the reply though, as Wargaming was at one point actually considering treating LT-based AA vehicles as LT’s and MT-based AA vehicles as MT’s, but as far as I know, this never went anywhere.

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