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Подробности подготовки обновления WoT 0.9.3
Hi guys!
As you already know, has been recently launched a test server «WoT 0.9.3 test1″ with you our MMO games “Planet of Tanks” .
The most important thing in the update 0.9.3 is undoubtedly build fortified to level 10, the new light tanks 8th level T49 , T-54 lightweight and Spahpanzer Ru 251 , and a new system for tracking of unsportsmanlike conduct players. For those who can not attend the test server – we have the opportunity to see the technique through screenshots and videopokatushek that make popular vododely.

Specifications and form of the KV-1S on test 0.9.3

[ 1999003] КВ-1С

Specifications and form of the KV-85 on test 0.9.3


Features and type of tank T49 on test 0.9.3


Features and view tank Spahpanzer Ru 251 on test 0.9 .3

Spahpanzer Ru 251

Specifications and form of the T-54 light-weight on test 0.9.3

[1999058 ]

IsoPanzer: Test Top-LT: T49, Ru 251, T-54obl – first conclusions

[ 1999022] Amway921WOT: Stream from the test server 0.9.3

Have you been to test 0.9.3? Tell us about your experience …

As there is no record labels.

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