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Hello everyone,

a short post about the mystery of the third 2015 branch. Please note this is NOT a leak, just my thoughts on the matter, it’s completely possible I am totally off.

So, about 2015 branches. We know there will be three of them and we know in which order they will come, roughly. The first to come (was already mentioned by Storm indirectly, as well as other WG people) will be the French AMX-30 “branch” (AMX-30 prototype, AMX-30 and a bunch of lowtier stuff, like the Somua S-35, not a full branch). This is due possible around Spring 2015. In summer a new branch is planned, which is a mystery. And then, as a third branch, the first part of the EU tree in late 2015 (as far as I can tell, it looks like it’ll be the Czech branch, but who knows with Wargaming, right? We’ll see in January).

In any case, it goes like this:

– Spring 2015: the French
– late Summer 2015: ???
– late 2015: EU

So, the real question is, what is mystery branch in the middle? You might think there are many, many options, but… not really actually. Not that much anyway. Let’s use the elimination method to try to guess then:

– it’s not French. Two French branches in a year in three slots is a nonsense, plus the second French HT line is basically scrapped and TD’s are in limbo (not much info)
– it’s not Japanese (don’t ask, I just know)
– it’s not Chinese (ditto)
– it’s not British (not counting the Chieftain and the FV4202 switch, there is not that much left to implement – and the British get lots of love in 9.5)

That leaves us with the Germans, Soviets and Americans. Germans – after the cancellation of the Sturmtiger branch, there is practically nothing German left to be introduced (apart from lowtier derp TD’s like Sturmpanzer IV) without the Waffenträgers (and Storm said they didn’t want more WT’s – true, he said that about the time the British teawaffletrager line was announced, but whatever). Plus, there is (quite literally) nothing German left for high tiers, without some REALLY obscure and outrageous stuff.

The Soviets are Americans are left. Logic dictates that after the American branch in 9.3, Soviets would be the next in line, but the question is, what more they can get? I was going through books and such and the only thing I was able to put relatively easily together (without tapping really obscure stuff) is the SU-152 Taran branch. Yup, ANOTHER branch of waffenträgers, so that’s likely out. Another (albeit very strange) option for Soviets is a “double barreled” heavy tank branch with ST-II (with dual M-62′s or some weird stuff like that) on tier 10, but the mechanism is not out yet and I doubt it will ever be. Setting it aside as a distinct possibility, but there are likely candidates.

Now, the Americans then. There are two options really – another medium branch or another heavy branch. The thing about the medium branch is that it would likely involve a lot of “clone” stuff, like “this tank from the other medium branch, only without autoloader” and wouldn’t end with M60A1 anyway (asked, sorry, it’s out). So – a second heavy branch. There’s one more indicator of that, Chieftain mentioned recently he was working on making US heavies historically correct, so that’s maybe a hint?

So, as it stands, I think we have three options, in order of probability:

– American heavies
– American mediums
– Soviet *something*

We’ll just have to see. Or it gets leaked. We’ll find out in a few months one way or another :)

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