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Hello everyone,

since there is a lot of confusion about the 9.5 Firefly branch from what I’ve seen on forums, here is the branch setup, as it will appear in 9.5. Archer will be unlocked from tier 4 Valentine, M2A4 normally from tier 1.


Tier Vehicle Alternative
2 M2A4
3 Stuart
4 Grant
5 Sherman III Archer
6 Firefly IC Achilles
7 Challenger
8 Charioteer
9 FV4004 Conway
10 FV4005 Stage 2


Quick summary: M2A4, Stuart (Honey), Grant and Sherman are for most part just copies of existing tanks with some British upgrades (like 6pdrs), but essentially the same playstyle. Archer is unique (gun facing “backwards”), low-armored TD, while Achilles is simply the M10 with a 17pdr. Firefly is well known (17pdr Sherman – poor depression and likely nerfed mobility), while top tier tank destroyers are relative unarmored, but pack quite a punch. Tier 10 has very thin armor, but a 183mm gun and will likely have limited traverse the way FV215b (183) does.

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