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Okay, as you probably noticed already, there’s this January Sneak Peek article on EU portal now.

Totally new, exclusive info, only a month after FTR!

Two things about it, there are two things I noticed in it:

– “sisterhood of steel” girl crew perk – trying to pronounce it made me cringe. It sounds even more stupid in Czech by the way. Why not “sisters in arms” as opposed to “brothers in arms”? It would make much more sense, even from the translation point of view – compare:

RU: boyevoye bratstvo
EN (literal): combat brotherhood
EN (client): brothers in arms

RU: boyevye podrugi
EN (literal): combat (girl)friends
EN (client): sisterhood of… steel?


Anyway, if you are asking whether the girl crew perk is compatible with BIA… no, apparently not (eg. having a crew with BIA with one member with SOS will not activate BIA).

– “winter game mode” coming at the end of January? Why? Russians have it between 5th and 15th of January. Perhaps not to mess with the IM’s? But why is it no problem on RU server?

In any case, the IM’s are supposed to start on 15.1. on RU server (EU server’s arms would probably fall off if they, you know, gave us the exact date).

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