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Танк Leopard
Hi guys!
all fans of MMO games “World of Tanks” , as well as connoisseurs of military art that designers tanks and armored vehicles in Germany experienced a special passion for the square, do not rebound forms. Maybe in the production of it is cheaper and easier? I do not know. Look at the tanks Pz4, Panther, Tiger or Leopard early – in all of them is a square.
was not an exception «Leopard 2″ – main battle tank developed and adopted by the Bundeswehr in the 1970s. The tank is in service with the armies of Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and other countries.
As you know, all modern tanks were in service, are constantly upgrading. It is cheaper and also the tank constantly “afloat” on the equipment and parameters. At current tanks change or add elements or units and get a “new” qualitatively different fighting machine.
In Russia, such tanks add a new letter index. From the base of the T-72 turned out T-72B, T-72B3, etc., of the T-80 tanks were such as T-80U and T-80UK and other.
In the armies – NATO alliance members other regulations. If the tank was modernized, to the name of the tank is added letter «A» and figure ref modernization. For example, the United States Army MBT is the second modification of the tank Abrams M1 – Tank Abrams M1A2, Germany is the sixth modification of the Leopard 2 – tank Leopard 2A6.

It is known that before the fifth modernization of tanks “Leopard” 2 were square, in Anyway form of the tower – it lived up to the German tradition, the tank was a brutal appearance and up to the high rank of the heirs of tanks “Tiger” and “Tiger 2”. By the way, the tank “Tiger 2” called “King Tiger”, and in WoT earned the nickname “cat.” You remember, I had a game on the site “Find the cat” ? Now there is a new game in which you need Found cat on the portal hodovoi.ru

Tank Tiger

Танк Tiger

Tank Leopard 2A4

Танк Leopard 2A4

However, in 1993 German designers suddenly produced two of the project of modernization of the tank Leopard 2, in which the tower had a tilted front armor, but around the perimeter of the tower be present, “Zaman” at the junction of the tower and overhead, which could adversely affect the protivosnaryadnoy resistance. But where did such an abrupt change in the orientation of aesthetic designers?

The thing is that when the Soviet Union withdrew its forces from East Germany and East Germany merged with West Germany into one country – the former East Germany became part of the Army Bundeswehr, and equipment of the army of the GDR was arming Germany.
In the army of the former GDR were armed with Soviet tanks T-72 second modification. German experts decided to make a cross-firing tanks in different projections combat shots. Especially because never before did not.
Tank T-72 shot of written-off Leopard 2 in the forehead, the tower, the stern.
Leopard 2 shot of written-off T-72 tanks in the forehead, the tower, the stern.
As a result of the test was two events:
1 Tank T-72 army of the former GDR remained in service with the Bundeswehr to the early 2000s;
2 was decided to upgrade the tower of the Leopard 2

This is because when fired from the T-72 shots OBMS on the tank Leopard 2 was the breaking of his armor at distances up to 2 km in any projection !
While firing Leopard 2 on the T-72 was a lot of bounce messages for streamlined tower. The breaking of her achieved only from a distance of 700 meters. In the board, and made its way to be expected at a long range. And the T-72 was significantly older than the Leopard 2

Leopard 2A6 tanks and Leopard 2A4

Танк Leopard 2
In the photo – Leopard 2 tanks . Right arrow key – Leopard 2A4 (such participated in the tests), left – Leopard 2A6, as a result of these tests.
(c) Anatoly Arzemash, especially for fans of armor

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