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action “Birthday Lion Gorlickie”

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February 27, 9:00 (GMT) to March 4, 8:30 (GMT) in the game will take action dedicated to the birthday of Soviet designer Leo Izrailevich Gorlickie. At this time, offers a variety of discounts and new missions.


Discount 30% at all the studied PT-ACS and ACS VI-VII levels .

Discount 30% the following premium cars (with the purchase of game store):

Dicker Max
AT 15A


Discount 25% for additional slots in the hangar when you buy in-game store.

50% OFF [1,999,026] for training and retraining crew during recruitment and transfer to another technique for game gold .

Discount 25% on the training and retraining of crew during the recruitment and transfer to another technique Credits .

Combat mission

Power of precise instruments”

Awards Constraints
  • Disable at least three cars enemy in battle.
  • Defeat in battle

Twice the experience of battle

  • Random battles.
  • investigated technique IV-X levels .
  • Задачу You can perform 15 times a day [1,999,008]. Результаты are reset every day at 3:00 (МСК)

Bonus period begins on the second win of the day.

Remember that all current active World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

Good luck on the battlefield!

Historical Background

Л. И. Горлицкий
Lev Gorlitsky was born March 3, 1906 in the Ukrainian village Stepantsov near the town of Kanev. Since 1920 he lived in Kiev, worked as a turner, he studied at night school. In 1927 he entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute mehfaka, in his third year with a group of other students was transferred to the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute.

After graduation, in 1932, sent to the Artillery KB-3 of the Leningrad Kirov factory. Since 1938 Gorlitskiy – the chief designer of the plant number 7 Frunze in Leningrad. In 1940, Leo Izrailevich became chief designer at LB artillery production. In October 1941, together with artillery KB evacuated to Sverdlovsk, in October 1942, leading the development of ACS at Uralmash.

November 20, 1942 was adopted by the self-propelled guns SU-122, created under the direction of Leo Gorlickie. Later during the war, he has developed such famous cars as the SU-85, SU-100, SU-152 ISU-122 and ISU-152.

After the war Gorlitskiy created a very good chassis with a front engine compartment . Based on this chassis was released a number of prototype self-propelled artillery.

From 1953 until 1976 he worked on again Gorlitskiy LB as the leading designer. During its activity this wonderful designer has developed 23 combat vehicles, 11 of which are mass-produced. Leo Izrailevich was twice awarded the Stalin Prize, awarded by government orders and medals.

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