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Since October 31, 10:00 (GMT) November 3, 9:30 (GMT) in the game will take action, Dedicated prominent historian Michael Svirin. At this time you can expect:

image Three-time experience for the first win of the day throughout the technique, regardless of the level, type and nation.

image 50% [1,999,020] to reset the studied skills and crew – as for game gold, and for loans.

image 50% [1,999,020] for training and re-training of the crew during the recruitment and transfer to another technique – both game gold and for loans.

image Discount 75% [1,999,020] to change the passport data of the crew.

In addition, during this period in World of Tanks are available combat missions:

Combat mission “frontline battles”


victory in battle.

Disable least one car behind enemy battle


20% more on the basis of the experience of combat


Only random battles.

tasks can be performed any number of times.

Only investigated technique IV-X levels


In the case of the task on the technique of X-level award is summed with twice the experience for combat mission “victory march” dozen “” .

Combat mission “win at all costs”


victory in battle.

Destroy at least two cars behind enemy battle


image 3 large repair kit


Only random battles.

Problem can be performed 15 times per day. Results are reset every day at 4:00 am (GMT) .

Any technique IV-X levels

Combat mission “strategic success”


Win 45 battles


image stereoscopic


All kinds of fights, besides training.

task can be performed only once for each account.

Can join any technique

We remind you that all of the current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

Michael Svirin. Historical Background

Mikhail Svirin – one of the first Russian military historians, engaged in deep study of the history of Soviet tanks mid-twentieth century. The fundamental difficulty was his three-volume “History of Soviet tank”, which describes in detail the development of Soviet armored vehicles from the first Soviet tanks to the “golden age” of the domestic tank development – mid 50s.

In addition, Peru Svirina owns a number of books and articles of foreign and domestic military equipment – SAU “Jagdtiger” tank “Panther”, the IS-2, T-28, and others. The works of Mikhail Svirina become an invaluable source of information on the initial stages of the project World of Tanks.

B last years Michael Svirin departed from to writing and became engaged in patriotic education of youth. Died distinguished historian May 24, 2014 after a long illness.

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