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From November 14, 9:00 (GMT) November 17, 8:30 (GMT) in the game will take action “The arrival of reinforcements.” At this time you are expected:


image 25% [1,999,020] to reset the learned skills of the crew – as for game gold, and for the loans.

image 25% [1,999,020] for training and re-training of the crew during the recruitment and transfer to another technique – both game gold, and for loans.

image 25% [1,999,020] for extra beds in the barracks.

image Discount 75% [1,999,020] to change the passport data of the crew.

50% [1,999,020] on the following average premium tanks:

image image image “Matilda IV»
imageimageimage Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)
imageimageimage T-25
imageimageimage Ram II
imageimageimage M4A2E4 Sherman
imageimageimage Matilda Black Prince
imageimageimage Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

Combat mission

image Timely assistance

Objectives victory.
Disable least one car fight the enemy for

image Twice on the basis of the experience of the crew battle

limit Random battles.
investigated Appliances I V-IX levels .
tasks can be performed as many times

We remind you that all Current active World of Tanks you can learn from .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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