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action “Test of Chinese art”

test ch 243


From October 24, 10:00 am (GMT) October 27, 9:30 (GMT) in the game will take action dedicated Chinese tanks. At this time, waiting for you:

50% [1,999,010] on the studied Chinese tanks II-V levels.

30% [1,999,010] on the studied Chinese tanks VI-VII levels.
15% [1,999,010] on the studied Chinese tanks VIII level.
30% [1,999,010 ] at premium tank Type 64 .
15% [1,999,010] for the next premium tanks:

112 .

Combat the task of “armored corps”

  • Random battles.
  • investigated technique I V-X levels .
  • The problem can perform an unlimited number of times
  • Win at battle.
  • Destroy at least one enemy machine

30% more experience for the fight


Combat mission “to present the award”

Get any of the following medals

  • “Warrior”;
  • “Sentinel”;

  • “Invader”;
  • “Defender”;
  • “The main gauge”;
  • “Support”;
  • “Steel Wall”;

  • “crewman sniper”;
  • “imperturbable”;
  • “Spartan”;
  • “Lucky”

30% more Credit for the fight

  • Random battles.
  • investigated Systems I V-X levels .
  • task can be run any number of times.
  • outcome of the battle does not matter
Attention! Number of received medals for the fight from the list does not affect the amount of compensation for the performance of combat missions

Combat mission “Chinese iron fist”

Destroy for at least 35 machines enemy of all time of the action. Taking into account those battles, in which the player gets in the top 7 of the command for the damage done


stabilizer vertical lay Mk1

    Random battles.
  • investigated Chinese technique I V-X levels .
  • It is necessary to get into the top seven of his team for the damage done.
  • The outcome of battles does not matter.
  • combat tasks can be performed only one times for each account

We remind you that all current Activity World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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