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Action “The November barrage”

art pr 243


Since November 17, 9:00 (GMT) November 24, 8:30 (GMT) in the game will take action “The November barrage.” At this time you are expected:


50% [1,999,008] studied at SAU and PT-ACS IV-V levels.

Save 30% [1,999,008] on the studied e SAU and PT-ACS VI-VII levels.

Martial problem

In Flames

  • victory in battle.
  • Disable least two cars behind enemy battle

700 units to the experience of the battle

  • Random battles.
  • Test ACS and PT-ACS IV-X levels.
  • tasks can be performed as many times

“Jaunty march to victory”

  • victory.
  • Destroy the enemy at least one car per fight

400 units to the experience of the battle

  • Random battles.
  • investigated technique I V-X levels except ACS and PT-ACS.
  • The problem can perform an unlimited amount of time

“Master of the counter-battery fire”

Implement 65 times task In Flames and Jaunty march to victory


Heavy-duty pickup drives


combat tasks can be performed only one time for each account


To receive the award, be sure to perform all 65 times only problem “[1,999,008 ] In Flames or just Jaunty march to victory . Mixed version (for example, 40 times to perform the first and second 25 times) is not valid

We remind you that all of the current active World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

Good luck on the battlefield!

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