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Hello everyone,

the following video shows the Russian BMD vehicles (the name itself means Boyevaya Mashina Desanta – paratrooper combat vehicle) being dropped from Russian planes (IL-76MB) during a training before the first ever joint Russian-Serbian excercise in Serbia. These vehicles (manned by Russian troops) were used then to attack a simulated “terrorist base” during the operation. The BMD lands and immediately enters combat, covering the Russian troops cleaning the area. The base was also scouted by small Russian UAV’s.

Meanwhile, Serbian special forces (Specnaz) drop from the helicopters and arrive in armored transports, flanking the “enemy” and laying down fire support for the Russian troops. The “terrorist base” was completely destroyed. The training went well and the excercise itself will take place on Friday. Altogether, 7 Russian BMD vehicles arrived in Serbia along with other tech and more than 100 troops.


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