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In honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Wargaming company in conjunction with BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation (USA) and “Rusava” will recreate the historic flight on a long and dangerous air routes, connecting the United States and the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

[1,999,009] From 1942 to 1945 the program L End-lease of “AlSib” was forwarded about 8,000 US combat aircraft, which are actively used by Soviet pilots. Each of these planes has overcome a great distance and a common path was almost 14 000 kilometers.

[1,999,009] Terms overflights were unbearable. A significant part of the road ran over the sparsely populated countryside, and any failure could lead to the collapse and death of the crew of the aircraft. Weather station on the track was a little, not very accurate maps, and the harsh northern latitudes spared neither the pilots nor equipment.

After 70 years with the participation of historical consultants Wargaming legendary route once again come to life. Experienced pilots from the United States and Russia will sit at the helm of the aircraft of World War II AT-6 Texan and a Douglas C-47 Skytrain, will challenge the dangers and fly from Great Falls (Montana, USA), to Krasnoyarsk. Thereafter, the aircraft will go to Moscow to participate in the international air show “MAKS 2015”.

[1,999,009] Learn more about the history of the route “Alaska – Siberia”, as well as monitor the progress of the flight on the site of the project:

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