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What’s next? Sponsor trademarks?

I kid you not, the European Wargaming portal just announced that the AMX 13 57 Wargaming League camo wont be removable and it’s impossible to add inscriptions, emblems or camouflage patterns to it. However, they are giving you for free and by default the 5% camouflage bonus.

I don’t think free camo bonus is worth looking like a pariah, but hey, if that is your fetish go ahead and order that Leopard/Tiger t-shirt too!

This is bad marketing, the tank is good but very little part of the community is actually interested in WGL. It reminds me of Google forcing Google+ down our throats, but in this case we don’t have to take it and I personally lost any interest in acquiring this tank. No Rita moneys for Serb Space program this time.

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