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AMX 30 B: From Paris with Love!

In patch 9.7 World of Tanks will be seven new study of French tanks. Brief description of the new machines can be found in this news. Among them, of particular interest is a new medium tank AMX X level 30 B.

Tank is a typical sample of the post-war western school of tank: excellent viewing vertical lay, good mobility, powerful and precise instrument, excellent visibility and at the same time quite modest book. No drums – only charging, only hardcore!

In this article, we will tell you about the performance characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the new machine, as well as how to effectively apply the new flagship of the French branch.

Характерные features

Effective 105 mm gun perfect, with a comfortable time information and high for a one-time medium tank damage. AMX 30 B will be a formidable opponent in a duel firing at long range. In addition, the instrument has a good damage per minute about 2630 units.
Broneprobitie basic ammunition as the base of the munition use t Xia piercing projectiles with the value of 260 millimeters broneprobitiya it is enough to damage opponents X level. We should also mention the high speed floor g is the piercing projectiles, making the gun AMX 30 B esch g more attractive. An excellent review 410 meters. One of the best indicators of the review of the game, above only M60 and M48 Patton. If properly dispose et he advantage, have all chances to decide the outcome of a collision in their own favor: early glare of the enemy will give the opportunity to start a fight on favorable terms and will help to realize the power of a 105-millimeter guns.
Comfortable corners vertical lay & minus; 8 … + 20 degrees. The tank is able to fire from the reverse slope of the hills, thereby minimizing the time spent under enemy fire. Using the folds of relief as shelters can significantly increase the lifetime of the tank in combat.
Mobility tank does not have the crazy dynamics of a racing car, but available speed performance is enough to move freely around the map, depending on the development of the battle.
Reservation machine has a modest book. Recipe for a successful application of the AMX 30 B in a limited reservation is very simple: try not to be substituted under fire rivals.

tactical role on the battlefield

Continuous monitoring of development battle on the mini-map – one of the main components of victory. Such an assertion is especially true for the AMX 30 B.

This is a rather “creative” Medium Tank X level. AMX 30 B will undoubtedly be of interest to players who is familiar with the key positions of maps and scenarios for fighting them. Mobility allows the tank without any problems occupy a comfortable position for firing. If necessary, the tank is able to quickly change it if required by the current situation in the battle, and move to the other flank or firing point.

aggressive raids as part of the assault teams Allied medium tanks not the best tactical decision to apply the new Frenchman. It is not “Mouse” and not even the AMX 50 B – reservation is not able to protect us from the fire of enemy vehicles above VIII level. We’ll have to make a bet on prudent and cautious steps: use as shelters the terrain, allies, or any suitable structure. Try as much as possible to preserve their own points of strength before the end of the fight. In the decisive stage of the match it will be one of the most important conditions for the victory.

The most effective method of applying a top Frenchman is a mixture between a sniper tactics and actions to support the machine – hold key positions for the illumination and the destruction of rivals, keep the fire attack group of allies. Watch out for the development of the battle, and luck will turn to face you.

I gameplay in this tank is very recalled M48 Patton. Review of 410 meters – one of the best for a medium tank.

Precision, mixing, recharge, and the angles vertical lay – very nice.

When compared with the same “Leo”, then there is the speed does not allow fast break and grab a damage that makes it possible to play more thoughtfully and assess their strength. “Crete” boeukladki as arson, have never received a few dozen fights.

TheStarScream , community manager World of Tanks

To summarize, we can say that the AMX 30 B is the most balanced tank support among “average” X level. With proper understanding and effective use of this machine is able to tip the victory to his side.

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