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in patch 9.6, new French premium vehicle arrived to the premium shop – the AMX Chasseur de Chars, AKA AMX CDC – and there’s a post on Russian portal, describing the vehicle in detail. The characteristics of the vehicle in the article are presented as such:

Hitpoints: 1400
Maximum load: 37,8 tons
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Maximum speed: 57 km/h
Engine: 1200 hp/t
Engine fire chance: 15 percent
Power-to-weight: 34,8 hp/t
Hull armor: 30/20/20
Turret armor: 30/20/20

DPM: 1700
Gun: 90mm AC DCA 45
ROF: 8,22 RPM
Penetration: 212/259/45
Damage: 240/240/320
Accuracy: 0,34
Aimtime: 2,2s
Elevation: -10/+20

Turret traverse: 38 deg/s
Viewrange: 390 meters
Radio range: 750 meters





Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, driver, loader)
Recommended skills by WG:
Commander – sixth sense, repair, recon
Gunner – repair, deadeye, snapshot
Driver – repair, clutch braking, smooth ride
Loader – repair, safe storage, intuition

Recommended equipment by WG: stabilizer, coated optics, rammer

Vehicle characteristics per Wargaming

– extremy high mobility (high speed and horsepower, mobility of a light tank) (SS: do NOT be fooled, this vehicle turns much slower than you’d expect and DEFINITELY not like a LT, definitely try to test it somewhere before you buy it)
– effective gun (90mm, accurate and rapid fire) (SS: note that this vehicle has full MM, the gun is thus much less effective than it is on FCM 50t, which has limited MM)
– high gun penetration (212mm) (SS: again, unlimited MM)
– low armor (or rather none, you have to be careful in battle)
– a lot of ammo carried (90 rounds suffice for 13 minutes of continued fire)
– comfortable depression (-10 degrees)

Tactical Role per Wargaming

– sniper (using the good depression and positioning yourself properly, WG notes however that this tank will attract attention of large caliber guns and HE shells due to its low armor)
– support on the battlefield (supporting your allies as they advance, taking cover behind tanks with more armor, but avoid fighting head to head, you won’t survive a direct fight due to your low armor)
– scouting (according to Wargaming, this vehicle has a decent camo factor and in worst case – if your scouts are dead – it can be used to scout as well)

Please be aware: the part about the camouflage factor is most likely wrong, as Storm wrote this vehicle has one of the worst camo factors amongst its peers (save for one tank). I can confirm that from the test, this tank is as big as a barn and will NOT hide easily. Support is your best option.

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