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Tomorrow during the day on the site with the support of the company wot-news.com Wargaming will take place the action devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, visit and participate. We are giving away 100 000 image and premium appliances.
    [1,999,006] take part in the competition will need to leave a message of congratulations in any form

    [1,999,006] If you are not a registered user, then “Name” field you need to leave your nickname

  • If you have registered on the forum and your nickname coincides with the game, or you have previously to bind to your gaming account of forum, then do nothing. If it does not match, it is necessary to bind to the game account of forum, using the instructions – http://wot-news.com/main/fmsg/47936/20039/31 [1,999,011], or you you can log out and leave a message as unregistered user.
  • You can leave a few messages of congratulations from one game account, but that your chances of winning will not increase
  • The campaign will last from the beginning of the publication of news to 00 : 00 05/10/2015
  • [1,999,006] The results of the draw will be announced on 05.15.2015

    [1,999,003] Gold will be raffled among all participants. [1,999,027]

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