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Hello everyone,

after the issue with the falling ruble, Wargaming RU has another problem. Belarus (the “home” country of Wargaming) decided to impose a new 30 percent tax on purchases of foreign currency (which does concern the WoT prices, as they are in USD). This tax is tied to the situation of Russian ruble, which is closely tied to the currency of Belarus. In effect, everything could become 30 percent more expensive for Belarusian players (it’s possible that WG will pay this tax from its profits without making stuff more expensive, but… you know how it is).

As “added bonus”, there are issues in Belarus with internet banking and some payment methods were temporarily disabled for the users in Belarus.

I guess it’s time to start focusing on EU and US market without just milking it, Wargaming… so, about that EU tree in December 2015…

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