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On a visit to Wargaming.FM Publishing producer of Master of Orion – Pavel Gorchakov (Transcript).

– Master of Orion – Global space strategy, 4X strategy.
– This is the revival of the project, a new project, a new game, called part 4 is not correct.
– To develop the developers were involved in the first MoO, many elements preserved, for it would be cool old school.
– Graphics is very good.
– will be 10 unique races with its own history.
– Multiplayer will not immediately.
– Constructor will ship, ships will be different and there will be many.
– Constructor races discussed, can not say.
– At the exhibition Gamescom 2015 will be presented to MoO, stay tuned .. be cool!
– The game will be 10+
– MBT will not be early access to Steam.
– pre-order the game will start soon.
– In the initial settings, the game will be to make the settings for hardcore games.
– The principle of common accounts remain (WG ID), but in a different form. The overall economy will not.
– Each race will be the classification of ships type is set to be a tactic.
– About modes too early to say, we’ll do our best.
– Premium Account will not.
– The engine is completely different, other graphics.
– The price of the game will not “biting”.
– The balance of the races will continue, possibly in another form, rather than, as in the previous parts.
– Focus test games go.
– Collectible card Steam – will probably be later.
– Donat is not as such, but the purchase of the game.
– will elaborate system boundaries. Border closures and.

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