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Answers developer WoT 0.9.7 / 3


– With the release of 9.8 from sales can remove Sexton I, Ram II, Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm and SU-85I
– Output 9.8 is scheduled for the third week of May
– In 9.8 you can invite people platoon of his team directly in combat. In the future, it is planned that it will be possible to invite players from the opposing team.
– Slough remake, but when, is still unknown
– T-54 first prototype will be available for the gold in the patch 9.8


On the server brought supertestovy “Japanese tank” Tiger as primiumny tank in the Japanese branch of development.
A curious thing happened with the Japanese, are showing increased interest in the new German tanks. June 7, 1943 the Japanese ambassador to Germany, General Oshima observed fighting near Leningrad 502 th Heavy Tank Battalion, and then visited the company Henschel and tank training ground, where the “tigers” are factory tested. Soon the company was instructed to convey the Japanese two sets of documents on microfilm peresnyatoy. In September 1943, the question was already on sale in Japan of “Tiger”. It was supposed to deliver it with a tank “Panther”, and purchased by the Japanese, in Bordeaux, and then disassembled – a submarine to Japan. Pretty hard to imagine how it intended to carry out – in fact disassemble the tank to pieces simply impossible. The body of the tank, for example, even without a tower chassis, and weighed 29 tonnes and had a very impressive size.
The company Henschel did not fail to draw from the deal a good profit. Fully complete “Tiger” (and in this form it would receive the Japanese) with 92 artvystrelami, 4,500 rounds of ammunition for machine guns, 192 – to the submachine gun, radio and optics treated Wehrmacht 300 thousand. Reichsmarks. Far East ally it “pushed” for 645 thousand. Reichsmarks. This amount, however, includes the cost of dismantling and packing. October 14, 1943 the tank was sent to Bordeaux. Once in the February 1944 payment was made, “Tiger” became Japanese. However, a submarine from the Land of the Rising Sun, he did not wait. Decision of the General Command of the Army September 21, 1944 the tank was requisitioned and again handed over to the German Wehrmacht.
    Level: 6
    Safety factor: 950
    Engine power: 650 hp
    Weight: 57 tons
    Specific power: 11.4 hp / t
    The maximum speed of 40/12 km / h
    Rotation of the housing: 26 deg / s
    Rotating Tower: 20.9 deg / s
    Resistance to ground: 1,151 / 1,342 / 2,781
    Overview: 370
    Range: 646.6
    Reservations housing 100/80 /?
    Book Tower 100/80 /?
    Cannon: 88mm L / 56
    Damage: 220
    Penetration: 132
    Rate per minute: 9.626
    Damage per minute: 2117.8
    Recharge: 6.233
    Accuracy: 0.364
    Note: 2.21 s
    UVN: -8


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