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Answers developer WoT 0.9.8 / 1


Michael (storm, kruta) Zywiec broadcasts:

Михаил (storm, kruta) Живец
– Under the shadow of the tank can not be disabled, it is made to seem, that the tank is hanging in the air. M.Zhivets said: “I can not prove art director, you need to disable the feature, which is actually a little bit better and make more natural image, and thus does not affect the gameplay and not eating FPS.”;
– Are shadows in the game for 5 years, nothing has changed, the shadow did not touch in this version. When will bring the shadow on the performance, then make them can not be disabled on all settings;
– The standard window size for awards;
– Details of individual discounts on the premium account is not there, it is a mistake patchnouta;
– The fact that you can now perform a platoon LBZ, going into battle solo, but, itself, is already in the battle to create a dynamic platoon – and was intended;
– The inability to turn off automatic message about creating a team of dynamic enemy platoon not considered a problem. But developers pomonitoryat forum. Will consider if the typed report are many,
– Colorful caterpillar in Type T-34 and Type 58 correct;
– American Tank Destroyers level five M10 Wolverine added predtopovy engine;
– The fact that the number of platoon player may not differ by more than three and dynamic platoons this rule does not work – that’s right, so it should be;
– The question of why reserves were removed from their bonus credits, said: “With the credit at the moment everything is fine after entering LBZ. We do not want to break the economy. “;
– Developers have not yet verified as a popular fashion, but decided that it would check,
– In the model of the Soviet kollizhn ST level 10 T-62A gun hole in the mask – it’s not a bug, but a mask design, as well as many other Soviet cars and it fixed the next day after the discovery;
– The question of how things work on the T62A output in HD, M.Zhivets replied: “Wait for the test. Nothing more I can not say. “;
– Personal reserves appear before an update is 0.9.9;
– Done with the help includes also the damage to the car immobilized player;
– Change the archive files in the directory of the game was made in order to optimize the maps are loaded faster now;
– Whether quick fixes – kvikfiksyatsya only bugs blocking the game or do not give normal play. While these are not visible;
– M. Zywiec said that in any case does not detract from the merits of the guys who do XVM. But to say that they will fix all the problems in the game, still wrong;
– The question of when will chat normally perceive links, a reply was received: “Never.”;
– Experience of the crew fixed a female. “Martial girlfriend” – zero perk;
– The announcement of the patch 0.9.8 is not promised to introduce a circle drawing tanks instead of a square. Will, but later;
– The fact that the game was to take off at startup each time the card (installed by Jove and modpak Sweetfx) – this is due to the mods. Crash when loading a map – 90% of fashion;
– Is nothing new to work on ultra HD textures;
– Optional functional “thank” in the game client, yet in the plans. Experience for tanking work;
– Match rooms platoons dynamic and normal – it is not the norm, correct,
– There are plans to show the progress of LBZ in war
– NA in the region might be bonuses for loans;
– That in the LBZ, if carried out 15 fifth task, until you get a reward, you can not select more problem for this class for all stages of the campaign, on any machine – this is not a bug;
– Customer type SD or HD differs only set of textures;
– There are reasons not to add a sessional statistics and log damage to the base client,
– Concerning the name of a new test of the German TT 8 level Mammut, which if taken from the ceiling of the word at all, in the book, taken from the project, says: “beginning of 1942: Krupp got an order to develop a 72 t tank
    spring 1942: Order was changed from 72 t to 100 t
    21.03.1942: Porsche also received the order to develop a 100 t tank
    May 21 – Mammut
    July 17 – Maueschen
    at first it was called «Mammut», later it was changed to «Mäuschen». In July 1942, it was called «Porsche- Maus». »;
– Pop the tape in combat effectiveness can be turned off in the game settings,
– A relatively large number of FPS in the game – it is psychological. After 60 brain already receives almost no difference;
– Glare system is not changed, even close do not touch anything.

Yuri Pasholok said:

Юрий Пашолок
Answers Yuri Pasholoka questions about the actual technology. Everything will take place in an “Question – Answer”. All text is preserved in its original form.

– What will happen to the KV-4, with a transfer to HD? There’s also some 20 projects.
– In the game implemented the project, won the contest. Dukhov project, maximum use of units HF-3, which makes it relatively quickly convert production with HF 3 HF-4. TTX him there are . These preliminary course, but nevertheless it is evident that many other machine easier projects SW 4. In short, change to something else does not make sense. Moreover there was a recall nekotrye projects (and not just) ACS-fighters.

– Transfer HD and reliability – everything okay?
– When transferring maksimlano used all that stuff that was going to last a few years.

– Replacement T110E5 on the MBT-70 is real?
– It makes no sense.

– Enough high-level machines with strong thick armor has in store for input?
– A few dozens. Will all of this demand is another matter. Objectives of the game to push all the tanks in the world. Personally, I do think that the right not to produce branches like a machine gun, it is not a constructive way. We need new, entirely new modes. And if and introduce new tanks, it must be really interesting machine, at least unusual. And, in principle, among them lack of high-level cars.

– Are there any plans on the basis of the implementation Sturmpanzer’ov PzKpfw III, IV and 38t?
– There is probably a question for the game design department. In principle, at least for a branch type can, but then everyone should be engaged in their work.

– PT based on the IS-4 – is real? Do data?
– Almost none. On the basis of the facility was designed 701 weight machines, including even bridgelayer object 712. Charts no no. However, there are some installation schemes armament 152 mm guns, which developed the CB plant №172. Maybe it’s them.

– Swedes and Italians were typed on a separate thread?
– All is well with the Swedes, Italians worse, but at least in principle, CT branch typed.

– Were there the Japanese high-speed light tanks?
– In fact, their high-speed light tanks – this is podvetka, which is now (Ed. – Ha-Go, No-Re, Re-Ho). Ha-Go, for example, is originally a cavalry tank. And so on experiments with McPherson suspension is not moved.
Basically, the Japanese tank building very specific. It was tough requirements pounded by weight, for the same tanks and the sailors were, and their landing pontoons have capacity of 16-17 tons. In principle, the tanks have been good, very comfortable in terms of placement of the crew, but still a large focus on the navy and air force made itself felt.

– Seen folder Char 13t – 75. Something new to be seen?
– As I said, the reserves are large, and not the fact that everything will go into operation. Tasks stuff generally is not.

– the third branch of the USSR TT – type?
– No, and I do not reach. CB something fundamental had two, and because so many branches.

– What information have CTs for the French? TT who planned introduction of a second branch without the “drums”.
– At least they are unusual. Actually I have the impression that in 1940 the Germans French bitten. For the megalomania of the Germans started then. And the French, I can say that they have some projects weighing about 150 tons had three. Two of them even carried out a full-sized wooden models.
Three – this means that there are three different firms were doing. FCM, ARL and AMX.

– What are the options for KV-4, you can enter at lower levels and as a PT? I take as a basis the Buganova.
– Frankly Shashmurina designed self-propelled. Plus there are at least two more of the same.

– How real Rhm.Borsig and Waffentrager auf PzKpfw.IV? Paper project or something built in the metal?
– Most paper, but shestikatkovye chassis type “Borscht” built accurately.

– M4 / FL10 has long been in the branch, and now is not present. What’s wrong with him? He was destined to be?
– There is probably a question for publishers and game design, istkony (Ed. – Historical consultants) that they do not know.

– Data on China Fr there? If so, how much and what kind.
– In general, self-propelled chassis was based on the Soviet or Chinese derivatives. Accordingly, and in the Soviet SAU they like. Although no deal has not been sudden.

– What a miracle / IBE tank may appear in the game?
– Well imbu department balance is not empty.

– T58 Heavy Tank implement in the game or need a specific and substantial nerf?
– At the moment it is introduced it does not make sense.

– E-10 will be administered in the presence of hydraulic or stupid that something is not right on the documents?
– Not before will Strv.103

– As with the ZIS-30 plans in the game?
– I can not say, refs (Ed. – Reference design reference) is.

– Object 726 – imbalanced at the object level 279? Or something real?
– Such an outline is really a dime a dozen.
Thank wot-news.com and wot-express.net and Ivan Karetnikau. That’s all!

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