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Michael (storm, kruta) Zywiec broadcasts:

Михаил (storm, kruta) Живец
– The standard window size for awards;
– Colorful caterpillar in Type T-34 and Type 58 correct;
– American Tank Destroyers level five M10 Wolverine added predtopovy engine;
– The question of why reserves were removed from their bonus credits, said: “With the credit at the moment everything is fine after entering LBZ. We do not want to break the economy. “;
Pictures from the game WoT send your support or forum;
– Personal reserves appear before an update is 0.9.9;
– Done with the help includes also the damage to the car immobilized player;
– Old-timers in the game already does not hold, and for beginners prepared bun Personal discount


Yuri Pasholok said:

Юрий Пашолок
Answers Yuri Pasholoka questions about the actual technology. Everything will take place in an “Question – Answer”. All text is preserved in its original form. Not so long ago, we began to publish the answers to the questions Yuri Pasholoka players. Questions were both interesting and unusual, and not so. Nevertheless, we have selected some and asked George. In addition, Yuri told us something about the E-50 Ausf.M and we will tell about it in the end.
0 Question: What do you hear from the replacement Waffentrager E-100? Just be Grille 15? [1,999,007]
There will probably be! And this is not the wafer on the basis of a panther, which was on level 8 Prem superteste! It’s something different on the basis of the Panthers. And this is something Cannon 150 mm L / 63 Historical and real broneprobitiem 200 mm at a distance of 4 km! It certainly will be exposed to the balance sheet. And yes, it does not have a drum.
Visually, it looks like a G.W. Panther, and is referred to as Grille 15 specimen in 1944. She has a semi-closed cabin (it is considered the tower) and limited angle pointing guns horizontally, the way is not small.
Currently Wargaming for draftsmen prepare all the documents on which the drawing will be collected and consulted with Yuri.
Give you a drawing thereof, self-propelled, but it in 1942. Ie you will understand about how it looks.
On a piece of paper with votermark TsAMO RF has reprinted a copy of the German documents which indicated that the gun 15 cm and 17 cm have the same broneprobitie with different barrel length. But if you please gentlemen, 17 cm it will, in principle, GW Tiger, and we do not need it.

Question 1: If the PT is clear to the Chinese that they are more like a Soviet, how things are with the ACS? This refers to those machines that would perform the role of the ACS in the game.
Well, the same thing. Chassis march on the Soviet decisions too. In 1944, the Su-76M decided to M-30 plug. So, the Chinese in the same database as the D-1 stuck. In principle, taking into account the unification of the M-30 to D-1 on the gun carriage, nothing is impossible.
Question 2: In the branch ST Japan, a good part consists of a tank with riveted armor, Japanese bands will also be riveted or welded to be some?
Generally not always early = riveted. For example, type 92 “Kay Sensch”, although it is not the earliest, and not presented as a separate development

Question 3: What is the heavy tank of the Japanese mass known?
If I remember correctly, there are up to 150 tons reached. However, from a SEAM have studied French in 1940 a tank weighing 220 tons. So sharp Gallic sense …
Question 4: Were there any projects of Italian heavy tanks, which are generally accepted classification considered strands, rather than as P40 and P43)? [1,999,007]
Carro Armato P40 on the classification of heavy and medium weight. In general, this project itself sawed T-39. But the game is unlikely to fall. Towered.
Question 5: What are the projects of the Swedish tanks can be seen on the expanses of the Swedish branch? EMIL 1951 / EMIL 1952, Kranvagn – heavy tanks. Something for them to eat? And AKV 151 and Bkan 1A – artillery? [1,999,007]

EMIL 1951


AKV 151 / Bkan 1A
Not all at once.
Question 6: The developers once said that there is a project of the French post-war tank with a 400 mm armor. Say what?
Well, not 400, but like so …

One option AMX M4
Question 7: Matilda Mk.I – too bad for the game now or in principle it is possible for something to wind / trailers from the project?
In principle, there stuck Vickers 12.7mm. Another question chno it will do with the machine gun would be okay with the enemy – to each other.

Question 8: Tanks Walter Christie – with them the trouble or is it something worth waiting for? [1,999,007]
Generally we have studied this branch has about 3 years ago. While I can say one thing – “everything is very bad.” With the game point of view tanks Christi level above 2 do not climb. Armament there is the same as a competitor – T1 Light Tank. That is 37mm infantry gun obr.1916 year. And his single tower. Even with pumping nothing really will not fit.

Question 9: E-50 Ausf.M – fiction CVG? [1,999,007]
The tank is not full Fake. According to the TOR for E-50 tank on the project should receive the transmission in the rear. So it’s more research on the topic “would look like E-50 in the course of development” .
And if talking on the E-50 / E-75, all within the general scheme of the chassis – is fiction draftsmen (no drawers that operate on WoT, and draftsmen in prinipe). It is no coincidence, Mr. Doyle is nothing but side view of the case, did not chart. Anything further – it is still somehow a fantasy on the theme. Therefore, waving of forum experts any skhemok 100-caliber guns and other wastes drawing production – is nothing more than a good show.

Balance-spring suspension Rheinmetall-Borsig AG
E-50 / E-75 is simply more promoted, because he was in a pool trophy documents used in the report of CIOS promising developments.
Thanks to Denis and Ivan Dolgov Karetnikau. That’s all!

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