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Michael (storm, kruta) Zywiec broadcasts of WoT:

Михаил (storm, kruta) Живец
– In Japan, the Tiger will be a full level of fights (6-8).
– On the FV4202 (Prem) is a tough challenge? – Do not know.
– Centurion Action X – What tank has changed? This preliminary performance characteristics, the tank at the testing stage!
– As the tanks in which there is information, we try to make the historicity of the book.
– The situation with the replacement sneaker – The current version has turned bad. We continue to think what to do. No difference of opinion within the team. The game is to be the best!
– And the best games are shown on this address ( link [1,999,006]).
– The fact that the shadow significantly squander FPS – free of shadows does not happen. They are always and everywhere squander FPS. In all games,
– Is now under the shadow of a tank not squander FPS, because it is not a real shadow, but simply “die” with a dark spot;
– Optimization of the shadows in the game it is at an acceptable level and it is a very good level,
– American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing after transfer to HD has become much more armored and tanks are now more damage. M.Zhivets agree that: “As before, he is not a tank, it now tanking better.”;
– The effect of increasing the permeability of 20% on the dynamics of recruitment and maintenance of speed approximately equal to the increase in engine power by 20%
– With regard to the installation of a more powerful engine to rebalance technology – changing motors require special writing, potentially bagoopasnyh converters for replacement of these engines in the game database. Edit terrain much easier and safer;
– “Up” cross the tank must be understood as an increase in engine power and, accordingly, “an” acceleration dynamics;
– With respect to the presence of bugs in the test M.Zhivets he replied: “That is a common test is to go without any bugs? And why would you need it? “;
– “Normalization is now very small. If only the city that something like a negative normalizing. “;
– On iventrezhimu “Excellence” will still be options;
– On the future of the German TT 9 level VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B – will one of these days to make a decision, there are options;
– On the expansion card pool – work on the new maps are maintained.

Philip Molodkovets rumors about little boats WoWS:

– “Wipe” after the MBT will not, now you can swing technique.
– Mods, Modification to advance – we do not want to see her in the game. We are working to protect customers and are considering various options. Such modes to work with us will not be, there are different variations of struggle, now, we just did not work this mod.
– Ship for MBT no plans to give, but the ships we give to important events: DR NG et al.
Although, frankly, MBT has just begun and we have not thought about it.
– Great Britain, the USSR and Germany – for them to be full-fledged branch.
– The nearest branch – the Soviet Union.
– Ship models are made in high quality foundation for the improvement of quality there (HD), but they are so beautiful today. Now “We thrust” ships with room to ensure that all was well with the FPS and the TA.
– “Trinkets” as the tanks are possible.
– Improve balancer will when we get more data from the VLT.
– Experience of fan mode is, this was done by our employees in their spare time, in the future we will think about this, but later, now a lot of work and MBT.
– If you came to the ships you should forget that you are playing in the tanks, there is a different game, tank habits hurt you, play in a new game, see our training videos.
– Considering the option of changing the contact with the boundaries of the map. Including an option, with a touch of the island, but it is not known when this will be, but we know about this issue borders cards.
– We have an understanding of the functional ground for clans, I can not disclose.
– I think a little bit and working on CC.
– We have tried to create a unique gameplay for each class. We wanted to make the role of class and uniqueness.
– About mobile version ships early to say, the work is not carried out
– Maps are now pigs, no vegetation and objects – all beautifully added. Initially, sawed all for gameplay.
– Issuing bun / gold for task / job in the aircraft will not.
– Now we have a different approach to testing and OBT in particular.
– About 50 × 50 km. Cards in World of Warships.
– 1900 -1950 gg. will be presented to the ships in the game.
– All ships fired before almost like art, in the alpha version, but it was not a very good way, it’s interesting gameplay.
– Game is not benefited. The scope of the concept would not be processed.
– We do not aim to bypass the tanks in popularity.
– The pace of development we mad.


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