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– aiming system (information) I have exactly no one will;
– perhaps the introduction of control “automatic handbrake” to choose from. That is, the “manual mode” is used at will on light tanks, and faster than the average for greater control, on the other “automatic”. “Automatic” by default. This is one of the management options being considered by developers;
– arcade version differs from the presence of the test some additional “space” (as they are called developers) forces to help turn around and start;
– as will soon be the second test of physics is still unknown ;
– new physics tests will continue for a long time;
– “climbing” in the game will not be clean;
– it may well be that before the new physics will still patches 5;
– Physics will be administered to all tanks at once, rather than as HD model;
– Physics implemented in the current five road wheels;
– the developers will be able to adjust the amount of grip tracks separately for each tank chassis;
– whether in new physics also enjoy the opportunity to present a balanced cross-parameter, developers still unclear;
– Damage from ramming into the destroyed tank / do not destroy the obstacles in the game will not add;
– the impact of the mass of the projectile during penetration, on the motion of the tank and its The information is not added;
– “fluttering” after ramming a 15-ton machine that’s fine, just no reason that they did not do so. The collision of two modern cars more like a completely inelastic collision (experiment with two balls of plasticine physics course), as made of foil and additionally constructed on the deformation. A slight rebound in a frontal collision is provided, the frame structure, which acts as an elastic element. The tanks also by the thickness of the housing are deformed extremely reluctant therefore behave much closer to elastic collisions (as two steel ball), at least at low speeds. On large highly probable large energy losses due to the destruction of the body and fluid deformation of armor;
– part of the tank raises the blow from that side lost grip, that’s it, and begins to unfold on the second caterpillar, if the “forward” do not let go ;
– realistic behavior of the suspension (each considered separately katochek) – a general picture. Neither Physics and Havok. Works only in improved graphics;
– acceleration due to gravity is, normally implemented;
– selected cards for testing physics until more than enough;
– some areas, of course, made inaccessible, that it was impossible for them to call ;
– current “slowing effect” when “gear change” “- an issue unrelated to the gear shift;
– it is technically possible to do with the electric transmission technique (Ferdinand, for example)
– when the button is released “forward”, the arc of rotation becomes much smaller, even the brake press is not particularly needed;
– T-72 went for all developers who has a new physics attitude. And for arms, not just passengers;
– now the T-54 and T-62 a different location reference points, as the T-54 in HD, but these details are not connected;
– to do so, when pushed to an overturned tank, he became the wheels, rather than sliding roof will not;
– perhaps in the future will be implemented hydropneumatic suspension STB-1, but this is a new physics now has no relationship;
– for skid at full speed without the parking brake when cornering need to let go of the “forward”;
– add dynamics is not difficult, will try different options;
– does not impose any restrictions on the speed of the tank on the test of physics;
– with respect to driving performance T-62a – this is a test with different types of settings similar tanks, especially well done.

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