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  • economic component of the gameplay in the “Excellence” otbalansili as well as in 8 levels, ie, to income It was greater than if the economy was on level 10 of randomness. Check that the data is confirmed. Income / expense is the same as when playing linear tanks on level 8;
  • [1,999,003] to the statement of players that the economy to 8th level does not hold, responded that looked graphics. Exactly the same. And at a premium and without, and loss, and victory. But the system of charging the other. Here (in the “Excellence”) affects a lot less damage than randomness. And repair of the tank on the other is taken into account;

  • in the “Excellence” is another system of charge, but does so as a whole for the fight to earn as well as for the fight in the 8-level tanks in randomness. Proportionally been restated calculation of damage (as it became much more than the average) for the repairs (since they too were more), are added charges for the flags;
  • [1,999,003] the question of why no tanks Altered Realities Event transplanted to the appropriate crew pumped the tank without penalty M.Zhivets he replied: “The issue is complex, fine, alas, do not answer.”;

  • accrued from the previous Event crew for American TT 10 T110E5 level is not suitable for the current T110E5 (II)
  • [1,999,003] after completing the “Excellence” will be another crew for T110E5, ie they will have two (previous)

    [1,999,003] on the question whether the barracks will expand the number of people added – advised;

    [1,999,003] situation with displaying medals for female crew fix;

    [1,999,003] on Statement players that flags in the “Excellence” do not fit into the concept of the game, said that: “We are all 5 years in the game were the flags on the bases. “Why do they fit, but these do not fit?”;

  • necessary actions in the “Excellence”, the players eventually realize. In tests for newcomers few fights everyone knew without being told. Interestingly they still will see new gameplay, and the crew and because you can use the default 100%, and the equipment is not set;
  • [1,999,003] if in the “superiority” of the economy taken as a basis for the level of 5-6, it is depreciated in a game of randomness once could safely play at 10 and earn on levels 5-6. Now the silver and the experience is and damage, and kills, and flags;

  • presence of normal maps in the “Excellence” is only for the test;
  • in the development of the “superiority”, setting on “mode for 10” certainly it was, but otherwise just developed “interesting mode”. There are, by the way, the variations;
  • concerning requests mode for players to make their “own”, vykachanyh tank 10 level that had not gathered dust in the hangar – and the option will be;
  • [1,999,003] with respect to that allegedly fell and appeared FPS lags in the new regime – the client does not change. So it’s hard to say what’s the reason.

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