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  • casual functional training in the game interface and the ability is in development;
  • parameters ups can significantly change due to the complex and major nerf goldovyh shells;
  • Type 59 in HD updating 0.9.8 will not;
  • on the engine BW (BigWorld) have statistics to test questions were studied;
  • create a package (zip file) with models of tanks in HD for enthusiasts and consider models in the hangar, will take time. Will also need time to place it on the servers that support it in future updates, etc., that is, to produce such a package is not planning;
  • premiumnyh PT not nerf (M60 and the object 907 is a special premium cars, rather than a premium)
  • kollizhn model in the Soviet IS-5 CT visual display of armor left side fix;
  • situation on the FV 4202 will discuss separately;
  • separate article (lectures Themes) problems balancer authored by someone from the developers until WG. Alas, there is no time. A specialist who deals with balancer, too busy;
  • in patch 0.9.7 will be the new Soviet tanks premium, will also be available AMX CDC in-game store;
  • gameplay AMX 30 is very similar to M48 Patton, a review of 410 meters – the best review for a medium tank, precision, mixing, perezyardka and UVN very pleasant. Crete boeukladki as arson is very rare;
  • to study AMX 30 1er prototype requires a lot of experience on the analogy of Lorraine, as there is a transition from RT to CT.

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