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  • problems with the release of batches of similar models (eg, the same T-55A is almost a copy of a number of Chinese ST. Or Pershing and SuperPershing) lies in the fact that it only seems that there is little work;
  • Chinese cars are not a priority for transfer to HD due to the low popularity;
  • given translation in HD cards and input Havok there are plans to change the graphical part of the engine;
  • in translation technology in HD quality, at premiumnyh machines have higher priority than regular tanks;
  • adding screens in German ST level 10 Leopard 1, while translating it in HD quality no one promised in the future it will not be Modell screens. The reason – “Yes, everything is still the same. What are the causes – say, “this is nonsense, not a cause, give me my screen!”. “;
  • beauty of the tank – it is a very relative concept;

    “in the picture too-modern machine. With a powerful engine and MSA, with powerful ammunition to add. booking. Too fancy for the current 10 level. “;

  • with modelkoy ST 10 German Leopard 1 level nothing else will not do. At least until the input dodger;
    do not exclude the possibility of adding rubberized side screens to the body at least in the future customization, but, of course, can not promise anything;
  • problem with the introduction of the possibility to write impressions of the game or update directly in the game lies in the filtration of any “garbage”. How to do it qualitatively – is unclear, the players do not represent the true extent of what is happening in this regard. Doubling staff moderators because such a system would be extremely costly;
  • there is an option to roll out holiday “buns” on 9th May mikropatchem individual, if not have time with the introduction of patch release 0.9.7;
  • output next update 0.9.8 just delay, as will be ready;
  • decrease in sight on the range of information from non-bug vector / vector will not rule on leftovers slowly;
  • change the fonts in the patch 0.9.7 will not;
  • card “Ensk” translates to lower levels, expand, or at least be reviewed in the near future will not, and the future until such plans;
  • plans processing card “Aerodrome” no;
  • allegedly taking place TT disappearance of a randomly level 10 fights – it’s just a particular situation does not reflect the real picture;
  • drop online during all IMO projects due to seasonal every spring and summer this happens;
  • rebalancing tools American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing will not. Planned some improvement frontal reservation;
  • in the game, mostly top guns tanks stronger than historical for these tanks. Scheme was chosen with the obviously more powerful top-end tools from the fact that other normal circuits and was not. If made real guns machines – tops, and stock – weaker, then it would armor would become too steep, and on machines with catabatic guns in general it would be impossible to fight;
  • minus 20 mm penetration masthead PT and minus 10 mm breaking through the top-end CT in release 0.9.7 will not go away;
  • “Art in HD will be soon. Render with HD textures will be no more. The priority for the Chinese in HD low” – is accurate information;
  • ART-ACS in HD quality as a whole will be in the end. German SAU level 6 Hummel – an exception, he is in the old plan was the first priority, as one of the few real art;
  • French medium tank level 10 Bat.-Châtillon 25 t in HD in patch 0.9.8 will not at him waiting for references updated after a trip to museums in France;
  • even with a delay of patch 0.9.7, the Soviet TT 8 level IS-3 in HD as it enters;
  • weapon at Soviet TT level 6 KV-2 will leave that which is today;
  • plans to add tanks with open display of logging crew, no;
  • HP increase light tanks will not.

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