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  • to update 0.9.8, in addition to changes LBZ, translation of some tanks in HD and edits some techniques rebalance penetration will not be and will be interesting;
  • American TT 10 T110E5 level in the translation work in HD-quality;
  • in the game you will see a difference in the texture rendernoy only on a piece of trunk which is closer to the camera models are exactly the same, but the texture slightly worse course of the game;
  • raise if some tanks break through – probably reduce some;
  • about the date of the withdrawal of the French premiumnyh TT 8 level FCM 50 t of the game, M.Zhivets not know;
  • about the Soviet TT “IC-5” – “if the tank was a regular premium, then I bet all would write about him,” USF -govno! “. And so, an element of exclusivity makes it right that something “special.” “M.Zhivets;
  • mounted tracks in new models of HD-tanks specially hang all will not have IP trucks will kollizhne;
  • translation American premiumnyh TT 8 T34 level in HD-quality already in the works, especially any changes to the reservation will not be;
  • engine in terms of performance “finished”;
  • bug with sharp rotation tank on level ground in version 0.9.7 also does not reform;
  • role of armor in the game will play, though she now plays;
  • tanking cars in the game a lot more;
  • whether income fell from tanks – no such data will not shine;
  • do balance + -1 lvl to trim hit tanks from different eras to each other will not;
  • clean unhistorical gun with a high price breaks type BL-9 in IS-3 or L72 in Tiger, that went, as they were built some time ago – will not;
  • cut the price a bit on goldovye ammunition, that it was possible to shoot them in difficult situations – will not;
  • possible to file penetration and 9-10 levels;
  • y “Superpersha” menyat slopes screens only partially the case. The model of the tank in the first iteration was also irregular. It is hoped that the current version finally be the last cut he did not.

Changes armor Superpershinga

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