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  • at the moment, the problem with shells, tanks passing through without causing damage is not confirmed, there is nothing to rule, [1,999,004] Have playable card “Overlord” – shows statistics;
  • inaccuracy in the description of the EC-2 (120mm thick frontal part) and not fixed with the release of mikropatcha because
  • [1,999,003] problem so not priority that will live up to the release 0.9.8 upgrade,

    [1,999,003] on the situation of women’s crew, that before the release of patch 0.9.7 “battle sisters” were considered null perk now –

    [1,999,003] first it really is a bug in the display interface. This will be fixed in patch 0.9.8,

    [1,999,003] concerning the abolition of the possibility of buying “goldovyh” shells for loans – “tank, in general, is that it should not punch anything?” And to enter “serbogoldy” – then suddenly Golda also shot;

  • at the last transfer to HD-quality equipment, trucks do not appear on the armor in the form of screens are not due to the fact that this old model. Truckee began to be used only in this patch;
  • currently being tested separately HD and SD game client. So far, no details. SD only there in textures;
  • book TT Soviet IS-10 level 4 in version 0.9.7 did not become worse than anywhere else. On the contrary, in some places a little bit better. M.Zhivets checked everything himself, long and carefully;
  • After entering the developers of the patch 0.9.7 was acknowledged the presence of some errors. In particular, it concerns long lines LT and ACS when balancing the battle. So, right now testing the fix. Will it before the holidays – is not yet clear.

  • And a little bit of information from superteste

    • Redesign card “airfield”
    • Changed, rebalanced and clarified some LBZ. The changes will affect 36 objectives.
    • [1,999,003] in combat interface is added to the combat effectiveness of the tape marking the effective actions of the player during the fight.


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