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[1,999,002] & gt; [1,999,004]
  • [1,999,006] a shadow under the tank can not be disabled, this is done in order not to seem that the tank is hanging in the air. M.Zhivets said: “I can not prove art director, you need to disable the feature, which is actually a little bit better and make more natural image, and thus does not affect the gameplay and not eating FPS.”;

  • are shadows in the game for 5 years, nothing has changed, the shade has not been touched in this version. When will bring the shadow on the performance, then make them can not be disabled on all settings;

  • details of individual discounts on the premium account is not there, it is a mistake patchnouta;

  • that you can now perform a platoon LBZ, going into battle solo, but, itself, is already in the battle to create a dynamic platoon – and was intended;

  • You can not turn off automatic messages the creation of a team of dynamic enemy platoon not considered a problem. But developers pomonitoryat forum. Will consider if the typed report are many,

  • colorful caterpillar in Type T-34 and Type 58 correct;


  • [1,999,006] American Tank Destroyers fifth Level M10 Wolverine added predtopovy engine;


  • [1,999,006] the fact that the number of platoon player may not differ by more than three and dynamic platoons this rule does not work – that’s right, and to be;

  • the question of why reserves were removed from their bonus credits, said: “With the credit at the moment everything is fine after entering LBZ. We do not want to break the economy. “;

  • developers have not yet verified as a popular fashion, but decided that it would check,

  • in kollizhn Soviet PT-10 model of T-62A gun hole in the mask – it’s not a bug, and the construction of a mask, as in many other Soviet cars and it fixed the next day after the discovery;


  • [1,999,006 ] on the question of how to go work on T62A output in HD, M.Zhivets said, “Wait a test. Nothing more I can not say. “;

  • personal reserves appear before an update is 0.9.9;


  • [1,999,006] damage with includes also damage to the car immobilized player;

  • change the archive files in the directory of the game was made in order to optimize the maps are loaded faster now;

  • will Do quick fixes – kvikfiksyatsya only bugs blocking the game or do not give normal play. While these are not visible;

  • M. Zywiec said that in any case does not detract from the merits of the guys who do XVM. But to say that they will fix all the problems in the game, still wrong;

  • to the question when the chat is normally perceived links, a reply was received: “Never.”;

  • crew fixed a female experience. “Fighting girlfriend” – zero perk;

  • in the announcement of the patch 0.9.8 is not promised to introduce a circle drawing tanks instead of a square. Will, but later;

  • the fact that the game was to take off at startup each time the card (installed by Jove and modpak Sweetfx) – this is due to the mods. Crash when loading a map – 90% of fashion;


  • [1,999,006] is nothing new to work on ultra HD textures;


  • [1,999,006] optional functional “thank” in Client game yet in the plans. Experience for tanking work;

  • numbers match platoons dynamic and conventional – it’s not the norm, correct,

  • There are plans to show progress in the LBZ battle;

  • NA in the region might be bonuses for loans;

  • that in the LBZ, if carried out 15 fifth task, yet will not receive an award, you can not select more problem for this class for all stages of the campaign, on any machine – this is not a bug;

  • Client type SD or HD differs only set of textures;

  • there are reasons not to add a sessional statistics and log damage to the base client,

  • regarding the name of the new German test TT 8 level Mammut, which if taken from the ceiling the word at all, in the book, taken from the project, says: “beginning of 1942: Krupp got an order to develop a 72 t tank

    [1,999,006] spring 1942: Order was changed from 72 t to 100 t

    21.03.1942: Porsche also received the order to develop a 100 t tank

    [1,999,006] May 21 – Mammut

    [1,999,006] July 17 – Maueschen

    [1,999,006] at first it was called ” Mammut “, later it was changed to” Mäuschen “. In July 1942, it was called “Porsche- Maus”. “;


  • [1,999,006] pop-up tape effectiveness in combat can be turned off in the game settings,


  • [1,999,006] a relatively large number of FPS in the game – it is psychological. After 60 brain has almost no difference perceives;


  • [1,999,006] glare did not change the system, not even close do not touch anything.


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