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– in HD model of the German premiumnyh ST level 7 Panther / M10 stars on the tower again moved back ( already done beamed crosses), Star VFD does not appear and there is no writing on the VFD, due to the fact that there is a place under the personal emblems and lettering is reserved;
– at the future of the Japanese premiumnyh TT level 6 Tiger will not be privileged level fights;

– at the request of the players, “unnecessary” stone be removed; – on the issue of the entrance to the test developers to date, involved the removal;
– M.Zhivets does not know what the problem is for the British premiumnyh ST 8 level FV4202 P;
– players read somewhere that allegedly due to the execution of the test on the arts 0.9.9, rebalance arts postponed, allegedly can not collect statistics on the developers responded: “Read more fiction, is not yet read.”;
– Japanese screens comparing CT with existing tanks in the game the other nations – the real,
– about what the replacement level of the German TT 9 VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B delayed – the current version has turned bad, will continue to think what to do. The developers have not yet concurred within the team;
at the tanks, which have information, try to make the historicity of the book;
– bug with the lack of light exposure marks are far from the allies on the minimap, fix, just a second test did not have time ;
– developers played in the new German LT 7 level Spähpanzer SP IC, eventually added his 20m + review;
– “ Arte at 09.10 level, no matter how thick the horizontal part of the tower, 50 or 25 mm. And so, and so breaks, even under good angles . “

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