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[1,999,002] & gt; [1,999,004]
  • updated concept of armor penetration of both conventional ammunition and premium – it’s just a test. To collect opinions and statistics. If it was planned to release, it would be a general test version. Will explore, as long as it is a test. Including “goldovyh” shells;
  • at level 10 “goldovye” shells are cut in 15 of 25 vehicles;
  • [1,999,005] normalization of shells from BB – 5 degrees at PSU – 2 degrees;

  • statistics on the use of BP shells from CT and TT 10 level is about 10% of the shots,
  • [1,999,005] Statistics shooting for all machines 8-10 level BP shells just never provide. The idea of ​​limiting the number of shells in BC feel hopeless;

  • with the problem proletaniya tank shell through the active, connected BW;
  • to change the armor-piercing shells have consistency;
  • stabilizer is 600000 , while all other modules of 100,000 – it is a bug in the test;
  • [1,999,005] a decrease in penetration “Gold” and a staff ammunition – in general, comparable. “Gold” at ST 10 level (where the most noticeable changes) – cumulative;

    [1,999,005] with respect to damage ART SAU – a separate, but there will be changes;

    [1,999,005] when applying changes punched, whether to keep the effectiveness of CT – “And kartodelam go and will take into account the new physics.”;

  • “preventive cards can not be changed unnecessarily.
  • – is not clear the amount of required changes – it’s a big amount of work – the reaction of the players on the changes and the fact of change is finalized, – after the change (if any) to make and edit maps logical and easier. Incidentally, in the rough terrain (no hallways) PT very good “Rola” agility. “;

    • concerning penetration of the German Leopard ST 10 level 1, level 10 French AMX CT 30, CT 10 Japanese level STB-1, CT 9 American level M48A1 Patton – these tanks were compensation and not final. Add as needed;
    • BP projectiles used against most of the German TT 10 level Maus:
    • [1,999,029] – 21% of the projectiles flew him – Gold – 60% of the flown Golda his punch – out negoldovyh shells punched Mouse 44%. That is, 100 nefugasnyh shells flew in Mouse: – 79 rounds – not Gold, of which 35 shells inflict damage Mouse – 21 shell – Gold, of which 13 shells inflict damage Mouse. Opinion M.Zhivtsa: “I would not say at the end, that is the main enemy of Gold Mouse.” For the rest of the tanks arrive at the number of them Golda less than Mouse. Mouse – the leader. Firing is applied not only to a frontal projection, and the machine as a whole;

      • detail on the class and level, how much, what and against any tank shells used BP will not be;
      • option with a decrease in alpha goldovyh ammunition is still being considered;
      • administration options limiting the amount of ammunition Golda in up to 30% – “Golda percentage in BC will not work because some 30% of this is two games of continuous shooting, and others, and so after the battle BC completely emptied. It turns out it is necessary to handle each write as much Golda need to carry, right? Another balanced option from which everyone will complain. By the way, the boys playing in the GC or other command modes to be “glad” 5 golden shells for the fight, yeah. And just to remind (but who reads this) that Golda actually shoot much less than is commonly believed. Yes, there are some tanks in which the percentage is considerably higher, but we all know about them. “;
      • change with the distance of penetration is already implemented in the current test;
      • these tests with changes in the review are not will. According to the review until such changes are planned;
      • M.Zhivets never stated that BP shells used 10% of the players;
      • [1,999,005] have guns 155 mm AT Gun T7, which is set for US Tank Destroyers 9 level T95 and T30, penetration 276/320 and 250/300, respectively, this is not a bug, so conceived.


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