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    [1,999,005] that shade significantly squander FPS – free of shadows does not happen. They are always and everywhere squander FPS. In all games,
  • is now under the shadow of a tank not squander FPS, because it is not a real shadow, but a simple “die” with a dark spot;
  • optimization of the game is quite an acceptable level and it is very good level,
  • American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing after transfer to HD has become much more armored and tanks are now more damage. M.Zhivets agree that: “As before, he is not a tank, it now tanking better.”;
  • effect of increasing patency of 20% on the dynamics set and maintain speed approximately equal to the increase in engine power by 20%;
  • with regard to the installation of a more powerful engine to rebalance technology – changing engines requires special writing potentially bagoopasnyh converters for replacement of these engines in the game database. Edit terrain much easier and safer;
  • “up” cross the tank must be understood as an increase in engine power and, accordingly, “an” acceleration dynamics;
  • about the existence of bugs in the test said M.Zhivets “That is a common test is to go without any bugs? And why would you need it? “;
  • ” Normalization is now very small. If only the city that something like a negative normalizing. “;
  • iventrezhimu of” Excellence “will still be options;
  • on the future of the German TT 9 level VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B – will one of these days to make a decision, there are options;
  • for the expansion card pool – work on the new maps are maintained.

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