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– VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B will go into oblivion after FV215b;
– nothing else in the thread Maus-a change of plans yet;
– to the replacement buildings still far away, so there is nothing we can not say; – give Maus-in alternative instrument until the plan;
– specifications such as normalization, all the shells of the same type;
– just recently canceled some updated machines in 0.9.7. Too large patch turns until about the number of updates tanks is not known;
– if you add a 20% premium credit for the victory, it will break all the monetization;
– likely to see in the game AMX 65t, T54 E2 exists; – to replace the E50 M – option is not visible, and could be changed;
– the popularity of the tank after the transfer HD parallel nerf armor, not reduced, rather, due to the increased interest in new modelka; – Statistics tanks servers will not spread; (It can always be look here )
– with realistic destruction of objects it’s complicated, but will do the same.

Transcript “HOUR Developer” by VK Express

– Department of graphics, but rather “Division of the graphics engine”, has about 15 people, but not all directly involved in graphics. But this is the basic “skeleton”.
– Originally movie was 30 minutes (Developer Diary. Graphics Settings – increases FPS!), But had to cut back to 15 minutes.
– In the future we plan to cycle clips (this summer) about improving and raising the FPS.
– Just clip is not associated with WoT, where we tell you about many aspects of your hardware: Optimize your PC, the graphics settings, cleaning your PC from dust. Tell you how to optimize your PC, how often it is necessary to update the driver, etc.
– The minimum support WoT is NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (2004).
– Intel Core 2 Duo processor and above – normal for tanks.
– 30 FPS is the bottom bracket playability for WoT, the best 50 FPS.
– Resolution 3D-rendering (most importantly), screen resolution, anti-aliasing, shading, lighting quality, water quality – the most affected by the amount of FPS .
– When buying a laptop for WoT pay attention only to the processor (Core i3, Core i5) and the graphics card.
– On the weak laptops put smaller screen resolution, it will facilitate the work of video several times.
– We have a large percentage of players playing on the old 2x core processors.
– Individual settings for each card or set of cards (preset) will be very difficult for the players expose correctly setup in advance.
– If you have an older computer that is not Feel free to clean your iron from the inner dust. Remove the card, sell, change pasta, take care of your PC.
– Laptop just need to be cleaned, they are even more dust collectors.
– Recommend to WoT possible following video (medium price range, but a good FPS): GF GTX 760 and AMD Radeon R7 265 and AMD Radeon R7 260X.
– For laptops always need to update the drivers, because of this can be graphical artifacts.
– Cooling Pad for older laptops very good thing.
– While least once in 3 months clean your PC it will help increase the FPS in the WoT.

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