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  • HD model of American CT 9 level M46 Patton with the wrong tower (now law) – will be administered on the basis of,
  • when transferring tanks in HD quality, in the case of the E-100 had serious problems with kollizhnom which prevented play. In the case of “Patton” – only the visual side,
  • size of the tower in “Patton” right. For comparison, you need to compare the normal flat projection, not the distorted perspective of different screenshots and photos. And even when compared to so you can see that it’s not the size of the tower, and its positioning on the tank, and its move;
  • to the effect that “Patton” was much higher – the difference in height of a few centimeters . M.Zhivets said that he would not be so categorical and would not have said “significantly higher”;
  • TT Soviet IS-10 level 7 in the game corresponds to a known size. Scan upon release in HD;
  • concerning the best graphics on the WoT Xbox One – so, of course, the details are not all as good as it looks (and texture there 2k by the way), but overall well done. Texture detail and filter Charpin work wonders. In the PC-version is all just as well apply. Sharpe and texture detail. “Tried setting enhanced graphics improve? What our coverage at the maximum setting of lighting and shadows worse? “;
  • concerning blurry guns and rollers – will try to fix it, have already spoken about it;
  • to the proposal to reduce the damage on the flap and turrets M. Zywiec said: “shoot out of a cannon on the tank with 1000 damage for 500 meters and 400 suddenly takes off. This is normal? Here the system or “no-hit” or a conventional system with hits without confusing cadavers between them. “;
  • question that some tanks” impenetrable “kombashenka made specifically – what the system is not at the moment. This was done at different times by different people. Will the changes will lead to a single species – not the fact that there will be something hard for me
  • “Having completely impenetrable tanks is also very sad. First, let’s deal with general issues of armor-piercing shells / projectiles, then maybe fiddle with the reservation of specific machines. “;
  • “And there are systemic problems, and concrete problems of tanks on the cards there.”;
  • concerning temporary replacement models of tanks of Xbox One – “part of the secondary models, we have probably replace. And for the rest of the work is already underway in full, replace them modelka of One – it will do double duty. “;
  • concerning” salfetnyh “tanks -” known machines made their respective prototypes, think out of the unknown parameters. What double standards, considering that the game from the outset prototype tanks? “;
  • still relatively Xbox One – if they do not rework refined historic match. Just added polygons and texture resolution on the available models.
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