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    [1,999,003] in the “Excellence” will not be able to pass the flag sovzvodnomu as transfer – a controversial thing. Wildly Kindle toxicity: “Give flag ****!”;
  • accommodation 3 tanks involved in the “Excellence” in the hangar, but not separately – this is a temporary option,
  • [1,999,003] at this point in the game has no audio card in HD-quality, because a long time was adjusted technology;

  • at the World of Tanks for the XBOX One other quality requirements for HD models machinery;
  • release of new sounds for shots of guns in the game – KTTS as usual,
  • based income in the “Excellence”, there was no error. Comparing income per unit of time;
  • concerning the motivation to play the CA in the “Excellence” – understand the sly. Developers themselves meaningfully in all the battles dragged flags. Look through the week will be;
  • mean the battle in the randomness – 7 minutes. Average time to fight the “Excellence” – a little less than 10 minutes (most fights end with a timeout).
  • [1,999,019]

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