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  • position of the camera relative to the selected equipment in the game, to test the new physics is made specifically for your convenience. Alpha test long twisted back and forth before the current version did;
  • flying off the ground on the tank upside down when rotating tracks, it’s a bug;
  • “Collider” towers while precisely can not wait;
  • material coming off the tower (when you turn the equipment) used in the new physics is impossible;
  • [1,999,003] with respect to the mechanism of transfer of the current settings of all equipment (on the part of the movement) to the new physics has no solutions. It may well be that it will take a lot of time to reconfigure all the tanks. Turning off friendly fire only for the test;

  • bouncing tanks from each other like a ball (with the speed and behavior, almost perfectly elastic body) due to the fact that the energy loss on deformation in a collision is not yet implemented;
  • that asked in the tank “handbrake” – is known and understood, only the name. Hang a lock on a separate button that someone called “handbrake” and the name stuck,

  • common test patch 0.9.7 will start in the near future;
  • it is likely that the client PC-Games WoT will tank T-34-88 (Wehrmacht captured Soviet T-34 tanks and equipped with a tool 88mm L / 56)
  • previously been announced that will be tested two versions of the new physics. One with realistic physics and one with a “simplified”. The second iteration of the test is not a “simplified” version, tested still “realistic” version with some “cranked” coefficients;
  • to verify the fact that in the first iteration of the test of the new physics, AMX 13 90 could climb certain steep hill, and in the second test has not, will be treated in more detail;
  • it is possible that the work of the balancer will make some changes, namely, from the 11th-level fights exclude 9 th.

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