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was manifested a lot of enthusiasm for the rebalance LT in patch 0.9.3. But even in the WGL was noticeably decrease the popularity of using AMX 13 90 How would you rate (considering) the patch 0.9.3?
We are proud to have received so many positive reviews about the patch 0.9.3. In particular, not only radiation therapy were noted in this release, as well went to the server features such as mercenaries in the fortified area, and a system of fines. We very much hope that the approaching patch (0.9.4) will be evaluated with equal enthusiasm.

We were informed that in 0.9.4 and future patches will IBZ (Individual Battle Tasks) or will be recycled fighting in Urach, can you clarify the situation on these issues?
In patch 0.9.4 will Siege, the new regime, as well as the IBZ, the first of its kind. We expect the introduction of the female crew through these missions.

you release a patch for the patch, but nothing concrete has been changing (in gameplay), will there be a global change?
We have available a lot of content that will appear in future patches, but for now we can tell the following:
first of all, we plan to revise and add lacked IB (Historic Battles), has radically new. In addition we are working on PVE mode. Players through battle against bots will get a new experience (playing against the machine, not real players), and a lot of fun. We can not tell in detail, but we also plan to completely revise the E-sports.

Can you tell us more about the E-sports and KB?
In patch 0.9.4 KB planned new regime, where the defending team will have to defend 2 bases at the same time. We hope that it will correct the imbalance that one team had to defend only one base. Including been rebalanced the number of points at the moment is – 7/54. In the future there will be many more changes that would show the players previously-seen style of play.

Are there any plans to introduce a casual modes such as – Carl, soccer, racing?
We received a lot of positive feedback, but we still have a lot to analyze on what we actually focus, as we are working on new content.

Do not you think, as developers, it is too wasteful administered as casual modes that are played only a certain part of the players?
The most important aspects of WoT, and the historicity of this battle. Such modes (casual), from our point of view is not very different from the main content. Even statistics casual modes only confirm that the popularity of these modes during startup takes off, and eventually subsides. We believe in what we have to do it, moreover, simply enter all new and new modes (for randomness), we must give new impetus to the fresh air in the game, making such content.

We would like to learn more about the progress of the work on HD models, and a new game engine, which is so passionately advertised in early 2014.
The fact that we are currently developing, this is not a new game engine, but only to add visual effects. A lot of people are involved over reworking all the tanks in HD, we plan to complete this process by the end of 2015.

I would like to learn more about the clan wars that talking about it all over the world?
[1999003 ] Community managers collect and process all the information (comments) players left on the forums and not only as a result of sending them to the main office. All information is checked using the CA (a team of people), and examines the impact on the gameplay. So, one of the introductions was – resolution of the fighting in Urach for 6-8-10 levels (by Korean-talk, and requests). When originally planned to run only 10

We have been notified that you are preparing HA 2.0. What will be the biggest change in this innovation?
The new Civil Code will be broken down into very small pieces. Increasing map resolution will be increased the amount of land on the same piece of card. Not only will it be processed, a lot of changes will be introduced in the game concept, as well as game rules. Clan wars themselves, very limited content, the only way to take part in it, it’s part in the battle for land. As a result, for easier access to a greater number of players, we have provided the urs. We hope to get a lot of positive results from fortified.

In 9.3, the system of mercenaries was introduced in Ury. Will introduced this feature for HA?
This is technically not possible. However, at the moment we still need time, that would optimize all, after the introduction of fortified. We introduce new features based on the feedbacks.

Can you provide more information on the following company?
The new company will be clan wars soon presented. Wait for information in November.

– The developers consider the creation of the South American cluster or in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil (Mexico is unlikely, since they have a good ping servers NA) but first they want to see a further increase in CA South American players. Number of players SA has grown steadily over the last two 3-month cycles.
– As confirmed earlier, the ISU-130 will be issued to service personnel RU cluster (moderators, volunteers) as a gift, but there is also the likelihood of its occurrence on other servers if there will be a sufficient interest.
– Some developers have begun to study the physics of motion, in particular elements of the suspension tank tracks to improve their visual effects, using Havok.
– SerB in response to statements about the quality of videos WARThunder said: “They make good videos, but we make the best games. “.
– Havok will not look like the preview video with the IS-4, where all the extra equipment on the tank shook and swayed. When it is released – it will be the ultimate goal, but different body kits, straying from the tank and other “bulk damage” (whatever that may be) will be implemented gradually later when the developers feel that the engine is optimized enough.

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