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[1,999,002] & gt; [1,999,004]
  • insufficient penetration of the German guns ST 7 level VK 30.02 (D) – “the tank must be flawed “;
  • On test specifically accelerated personal income Reser, the primary server is not so;
  • will be many stages of testing the new game mode” superiority “, with different conditions and parameters, No comment yet, wait;
  • concerning changes TTX ART SAU, developers think a lot of things. There are options for readjustment and changes / additions mechanics
  • possibility deactivate the “clicks” on the mini-map and pre-defined commands in the game client will not do in principle;
  • with recycled in HD kollizhn model Soviet TT 8 IS-3 level on the test have a couple of problems correct;
  • [1,999,005] problems with the mask of the Soviet guns ST Level 10 T-62A has fixed server patch;

    [1,999,005] with regard to breaking the German guns masks TT 10 level E 100, after his transfer to HD-quality, 250mm Mask can break an instrument breaks the 258mm, powered armor is there no more than 258mm. Specifically, in this location, the thickness of the mask 200 mm (as in version 0.9.6). In addition, the angle of arrival is unknown at the moment of impact;

  • in the update 0.9.8 is only what is on the test, nothing is hidden;
  • [1,999,005] that the game is in two tanks in the ” Supremacy “is counted as 2 wins in combat missions in this mode is available execution LBZ – it bugs;

    [1,999,005] innovation” Excellence “is called a game developer event, and not the new regime, because now it is on the format of the event, and not the regime.

  • tested the players questions as to whether the American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing began to break into the forehead of the tower (to the screen on the mask gun) with guns, whose breakdown in the area of ​​230-240mm. He’s all right. Total reduced thickness is the same as before;
  • now generally have a problem with the test kollizhn model T26E4 SuperPershing. As long as it does not need to be guided, correct,
  • change the TTX (apat) T26E4 SuperPershing, namely to improve the stabilization and patency rate will be;
  • [1,999,005] any changes to the reservation T26E4 SuperPershing September 2013 It was not and was then able to sell back to the tank for gold. And in version 0.9.7 is now in version 0.9.8 and in the future, armored turret has a large rectangular “window” for the guns. Nerf tower was not,

  • LBZ and conditions of performance objectives for the test in the fortified simplified;
  • derived a premium on the test equipment SU-85I, Sexton I is a prerequisite to the conclusion based on. Premiumnyh tanks Ram II and Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm output due to the unpopularity;
  • translation German premiumnyh ST 6 level Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm in HD-quality have to wait a short time, he will receive the translation screens;
  • change the performance characteristics (an) TT Soviet IS-10 level 7 is associated with the analysis of statistics;
  • [1,999,005] in the “Excellence” experience in the battle for survival, and so is, quite small though,

  • case in the game when the projectile did not flew, although the effect was shot, due to the loss of packets;
  • change the TTX (apat) French PT-ACS Level 10 AMX Foch (155) are not going to;
  • [1,999,005] personal combat reserves – is not a reward for playing the “Supremacy”. Awards for the game in this mode will be separate from the Office of the usual bonus of fortified;

  • introduction of randomness in the fog of war was postponed once until;
  • mirroring balance teams in the game will never be;
  • at “skaypodiplomatii” on HA 2.0 will be more problems than HA 1.0, including through possible through the auction go to almost any province, the province will be “pumped” for profitability;

    [1,999,005] are working on the to fighting in the Civil Code were not going to randomly statistics, with the release 2.0 of the Civil Code will. Statistics GK will go alone;

  • GC 2.0 game client will not be integrated, the Civil Code will be placed on a separate resource, and the client, as now, will do the necessary notification;
  • [1,999,005] in the GC 2.0 “Gold” will be held for the income from the provinces. For it is bought premakkaunt, equipment or ammunition. Everything is as usual. Improvements provinces, buying divisions and their improvement, as well as participation in the auction – for influence. Influence is earned in raids in Ur (the numbers will be comparable to Promresurs) and fights on GC.


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