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  • regime “Confrontation” is positioned as a developer event, such as “football”,
  • [1,999,003] what is now the Soviet TT 8-level IS-3 makes its way into the upper right side of the mask, between the ring and bolt – corrected;


    • This is not a bug;
    • what is at the bottom of the screen the American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing 0 mm armor – it is a problem “viewer”. This time for sure, tested,
    • is kollizhn outdated model,
    • developers repeat that improved the book hatch mehvoda Soviet TT 10 IS-4 level in the current version of the game;
    • leave old schemes of reservation of the 2011-2012 school year can not, because they were no better than the current in this regard. According to another in the current system do not work properly;
    • weapon in the clinch can not completely stop the projectile released by the enemy;
    • facts of American fire premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing comparing booking in versions 9.7 and 9.8 (test) while there were not any.
    • [1,999,003] in M26 Pershing in the top tower is not such as to T26E4 SuperPershing. There’s another mask thickness;

    • “Time is running out, changing requirements for the models, to alter.”;
    • picture is incorrect. Such reservations (220) There has never been. It seems that the configuration of the “window” to the armor in the 202mm is shaped. At M26 Pershing is now in the same place 114mm. His picture of the entire forehead, not just the NLD and VFD, will not give a long time to do,
    • players in the statement that there is a hidden tower nerf American premiumnyh ST 8 level T26E4 SuperPershing tests and is driven, M.Zhivets He said that no one test did not lead to the proof. Prove by the way, everything is possible, leaving the tank shelling in versions 9.7 and 9.8 which will be clearly seen that the machine has deteriorated booking. Will check and correct the problem if it is confirmed,
    • in the CC 2.0 “Gold” Nobody cleans, it remains as it was – a reward for keeping the provinces. Influence – a single “currency” that will be needed to perform various actions on GC 2.0.
    • [1,999,007]
      [1,999,080] little insider information [1,999,080]
      recently published information about rebalancing penetrations guns is not final, developers will continue to experiment willows eventually want to get the following:

      • Break PT guns 240-250 mm
      • [1,999,003] Break TT 232-250 mm

        [1,999,003] Break ST 202-240 mm

        [1,999,003] Break RT 175-220 mm

        [1,999,080] Of course, this is only approximate, and Some tanks can be more or less penetration

        – It is likely that the same will replace Fochu 155 instrument at 5-6 charger 120mm
        – One of the treatment options artillery – to remove the ability to destroy the enemy with one shot (much damage will but vanshotov will not), causing a lot of “burning” Now
        – Most of the bugs Overlord cards will be fixed in 9.8.
        – may soon appear personal questionnaires (sent by mail will be) for the players, which can be described their ideas about the artillery. Players who will write nonsense like “Remove guns from the game” without any explanation of its opinion, are simply excluded from similar surveys in the future.

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