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– “proletanie” shells through the tank due to the limit range (& gt; 500 m), it sometimes occurred in the past due to lack of precision coordinates; – the fate cards “Fire Arc” is still unknown, will leave just one thing. (Prokhorovka vs Fire Arc), probably, “Doug”;
– Reviews ART ACS also corrected due to the fact that the review at PT-ACS is now smaller than that of a single-level arts;
– the goal of “resuscitation” class of light tanks in the game, patch 0.9.6 was not;
– map “mines” were altered for the second time, “a fiery arc” and “The Rock” in patch 0.9.6 has not been touched;
– French AMX-50 PT Foch (155) did not even think to give long gun without a “drum”;
– server statistics from AMX 50 Foch (155) compared with what was before her nerf, very mediocre now; – visual experience that tanks began to move in some other way (such as IP-3), which seem;
– not all the bugs in the descriptions LBZ time to fix it, will rule on;
– about the probability of return of the “old “accuracy, next week will be detailed look showgirl. Now, according to preliminary data, the difference in accuracy results within 1%, ie within the error will look further;
– repeating bug with randomly spinning in place a tank accident;
– to invite players from the clan only platoon or just friends, but not all, will be further developed;
– tool Search for a platoon attached spetskanal, search the bulletin board will soon be allowed to develop;
– visual bug when displaying motion Tiger (P) is known, will soon fix;
– with the possible nerf review premiumnyh PT situation is not yet clear ;
– training room for 1 person will not do. Since it can greatly affect the server load;
– The idea to drastically reduce “fashion”, many of which are almost “cheats” or, at least, make the “strongholds” and “globalku” territory “ModsFree” – is discussed;
– “fire resistant” transmissions are altered with alteration of tanks in HD;
– “Up” French light tank AMX 13, the seventh level 75 will not update 0.9.7 and later;
– the geographical location of the server RU -4 remained in the same city, but another provider;
– bug to fire transmission M4A3E8 Fury known work on solving;
– the statistics ART ACS will closely monitor;
– replacement of two British tank level 10 will be made at the same time;
– armor from “Chieftain” already measured. In general, the balance with T110E5 they do not like at all;
– plans for partial draining of classified information not;
– bunkers will definitely be actively tested and developed now;
– randomly selecting (balancer) REP place before the fight will not. Too much imbalance can be. Even the shift spawn 50 meters
– Soviet medium tank T-10 level 62A in HD is not yet translated;
– will support DirectX 12 or Mantle unknown;
– friezes in patch 0.9.6 explained podgruzku models from the computer disk;
– HD output model of the German medium tank Leopard 1 level 10 soon, more armored turret he will not change his tracks also do not plan;
– the effect of “deja vu” if some tank lost, then the next battle in the same tank with a high probability you get on the same card, game developers recognize will work on a fix;
– in historical battles scheme without HP will not;
– the same name but different guns into the WZ-120 and 113th in translation in HD fix.

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