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  • developers have ideas about the possibility of introducing the game of “pumping” of 10 state of the art certain “features” and “buns” but so far no details;
  • inaccuracy in the historical description, “Eastern ally of the Wehrmacht” substitute ” Eastern ally of Germany “(Reich, or – as an option);
  • players are asked what is the rendering or art, as to render it very beautiful grass, what response was received from the M.Zhivtsa: “Render to finish with artom likely.” What kind of card – is unknown because it is the development has nothing to do (the developers – the ones who make the tanks, but not those who endorse them) that took for the background image, is also unknown;
  • [1,999,003] French TT 8 level AMX 50 100 and the German TT 9 level Mäuschen not have time to do an update to 0.9.8, their appearance is expected in patch 0.9.9,

    [1,999,003] and increase growth FPS in patch 0.9.8 is not expected

    [1,999,003 ] whether to expect cutbacks on the operational level of 8, due to the fact that developers are going to cut the sample at the level of 8-10 tanks – it is the tests and experiments early to say anything;

    [1,999,003] situation with flight of the projectile in combat through a technique examined. Confirm whether, after all, this fact – yet can not say anything, investigate,

  • in the test patch 0.9.8 lacks global things, such as the “superiority”;
  • [1,999,003] did not have time to prepare the publication on the list of updates and patches in the last mikropachte (eg, that improve the situation with the reservation mask Soviet guns ST Level 10 T-62A and so on) because it is too quick to make;

    [1,999,003] to enter a separate branch of the British tanks 8-10 level Vickers MBT (main battle tank) do not think;

    [1,999,003] is enough in the game “glass cannon”;

    [1,999,003] at what stage passes the creation of a British Chieftain tank and how many patches it is to wait until the report can not, will try to introduce it this year, but there are no guarantees;

  • that the transition from a command to a chat in general need to press the Tab key twice – this is due mods. Checked after a similar report in the update 0.9.7,
  • [1,999,003] in the update 0.9.8 optimizations smoke will not be;

    [1,999,003] exact dates “fixation” of glare was not called. Changes in appearance yet,

  • mode “Meeting engagement” in the game, remove and replace it, for example, on the “superiority” will not. Plans for the “superiority” completely different, to share these plans can not yet;
  • fears the players that the “superiority” will serve as a replacement team battles in the format of 7/54, said: “The regime has not yet entered, and you have a think. “;
  • destructible objects (fences, bars) on the new maps no more the same as on the old,
  • [1,999,003] for the” Excellence “will be more tests with different Database options and flags

  • has a chance to see the action of the functional WoT of WoWp / WoWs, when pressing Alt, just above the illuminated objectives spelled distance to them – is, alas, no time for such trifles;
  • at the promotional level 8 TT Chinese WZ-111 by a factor of Pharma’s all right;
  • [1,999,003] a statement that in May 2013 the Soviet tank 8 a premium level of IP-6 Farm longer, and since July of the same year I stopped, developers do not support. It is equally Farm. No problem there accruals. Any changes therefore will not be;

  • no rules and accrual yield techniques have not changed;
  • to the question of how the developers see possible situation that most players start to use exclusively “goldovye” ammunition in the game due to the penetration of nerf, M. Zywiec said: “As long as I do not see any way. While are conducting various experiments. While no final decision. “;
  • introduction to the game of the new audio engine – even KTTS is not yet clear;
  • M. Zywiec not aware that he had promised the players and what, exactly, “bomb” meant V.Kisly.
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