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1. IBZ taken automatically upon completion of the previous.
2. more intelligently balanced in terms of complexity, feasibility and impact on gameplay.
3. Even as an option – after receiving tasks on the tank (tip55 for example), they are automatically taken to implement all together. And just quietly play, tracking them. That’s when they will stay there 5-10 pieces, and then it will be possible to reflect on the changes in his game towards a specific task. This significantly reduces the impact of problems in the game of randomness.
1 – no
2 – yes.
3 – is not.

HD-model “Goose” in 0.9.6 to wait?
Why you forgot your firstborn to introduce toll tanks? Will the translation in HD considered major:
1) make the screen book frontal armor, like SuperPersha – which is advertised in the description about the tank at the office. forum and that should have been on the project;
2) whether the side armor will increase from 41 to 64 mm, which was promised. Due to an error in the simulation was wrongly taken the body from the M6, and not from the T1E2;
3) will increase if the thickness of up to 35mm caterpillars because features within the T1E2, the availability of space in mezhgusenichnom armored casemates thickness 35mm;
4 ) on Gus had elektrotranssmisiya – speed back and forth was the same, we forward 29 km / h, 10 back, whether it be fixed?
5) on the US forum indicated that Gus and a top 105mm barrel hamster is in fact one gun only in hamsters it with the drum, but an instrument in Goose has alpha 320 and 198mm broneprobitie and hamster 390 and 210, can we expect Appa guns at Goose because of this?
6) on the US forum stated – that the book tower wrong that Americans do not idiots back of the tower thickness before and reality most of the front of the tower was 228 mm and only up forehead tower 191mm, can we expect Appa Booking tower?
7) on the test model showed Goose 29 km / h, but was another engine, not the one who set us in the game and should be on the project, which was weaker on the mother tank T1E2, and he 200hp weaker – can we expect an increase in the speed and dynamics of the Goose?
Sincerely look forward to hearing from you all Gusevodov, and probably more on the US server – because there the tank is very significant, it is not vydumany project
Do not wait for .
List of “improvements” – full kapets.
What hyperdrive did not ask for a plasma-cannon?
All that was historically – will do. But no more than that.

When will filter through the levels of tanks in the hangar?
KTTS same.

Why faerflaya 6th level for the same gun PT-7 level better rate? The difference is decent. On the test poured draft balancing technique has not yet set?
There’s not even an option balancing and performance characteristics of the type “anyhow drove and shot to be able to model tests.”

Michael, when it is already suffering the IS-4 will be in HD, which was in all the video?
relatively soon. And there will be a different model. Better than in the video.

A Bronka as that tweak? A bit too dashing straight in the face, he pulls out, and this heavy tank “breakthrough”
There is no need to tighten up there.

LIBZ final?
No. More in the configuration process.

But no longer will remove platoons there never seems?
do not plan to.

And when planning to? KTTS is the same even on the horizon? Well, to catch to farm tank randomschikam it. It seems to be the same for them this campaign, if I understand correctly interview Pankov. Required platoons it is not random though.
While never plan to.

What RU4? You launched into space?
Probably. No wonder that Serbia invested in this thing.

Will the decline in gold prices due to the fact that to play your game in 2 times more expensive?
Please topic.

It would be desirable, nevertheless, to hear a formal opinion on the matter. Monthly Prem committed to 600 rubles. There are already wealthy gentlemen began scratching turnips.
already answered, and more than once – nothing on this issue I can not say, because nothing to do with it does not have. I have on this subject do not need to ask.

Let the tank is at least one CP after receiving a “splash” of all these waffles and Brit-Fri At least at the levels of tanks 9-10.
Please topic.

Shaved Fri 9-10 are not needed, because the brake kartonosarai, scary even to look at.
Fri8 need more because nyashnye appearance, but it is still more or less adequate to TTX.
“Achilles” is not needed: 0.2 to 10 m and recharge review compared to the “Firefly” not worth the difference in the heats and the speed of rotation of the tower.
“Archer” is not necessary – crayfish and without specially trained technicians in the game enough.
LIBZ one active task by pressing a button, to socialization and lots antikomandnyh objectives and targets for the luck is also not needed. Alas, the patch “kakfsigda” and even worse: obosrams much trenchant “new frontier” is expected. After fresh, but quite reasonable and adequate, 9.3 and 9.4 – a huge setback.
obosrams much trenchant “new frontier” is expected.
From what?

branch tops with unnecessary and completely botched feature with LBZ – a little something? A “Firefly” Faile these are not compensated.

Save Artois, at least in 0.9.5 !!! I bring to your attention that the German art 2 level has overcharged 27 seconds, and the reduction of 7 seconds !!! How to play at level 2 ?! Such TTX further observed only in Art 7 level and above. Therefore, the Master on this Artoo had to take on opponents glows (tube set), but otherwise nothing. And also draw your attention that the branch of research in the study of Japanese tanks tank level 1 Otsu, followed by the top-Chi Hu, down on the first, and in general the Japanese branch of tanks they are naobrot (On top of Guo, Chi-nor down )! I almost broke my head until I realized that it is not so ..;)
On the topic please.

And that the mini-map? (Propane tanks captions! (Client a virgin)), the minimap can not be increased to the desired size (available increase of + -1 (32d on the monitor with a resolution of 1366 * 768 more I would like to at least 1 enlarge!))
Growth or drop the FPS not much there, as ping is always high but lags lamp burning became less (because it is my personal opinion on the second test until the game is not enough!)
Signatures are not included when this option is enabled?

And with the possibility of increasing the minimap are planning to do something?

After two days to ship does not even want back into the tank …
This is good.

Blink foliage in sight and not repaired.
Repeats? Proof can have anything and a standard set: diag + settings?

The whole fight Artoo tracers for search? Or shoot at flying fireflies?
Do not like these particular tasks?

Inscriptions on the map is still hardly distinguishable. In LIBZ really poor implementation. Perhaps I will say goodbye to the game and pick up 100,500 friends with whom LIBZ prinudilovkoy not necessary.
Do not LBZ – not an option?

Why Panthers 88 dynamics better than P2, with the best parameters guns?
Because the worse.

And P88 and P2 13 hp per ton, but P88 to cross-Options 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.5 vs. 0.8 / 1 / 2.1 at P2. Pile up at the rate of turn 38 P88 when P2 36. So far I only see that P2 only maksimalka above.
Odds patency are not a direct factor in the power of the engine. System there more difficult.

color names tank red team is too pale, it is identical to the color of the label released glare of the enemy, and must be color icons class.
Caption color must be different from the color icons. Otherwise, merge into the general mess.

make them lighter, because hard to read, as here


Brightness for labeling the opposing team even increased slightly. The final editing of brightness has not got in the second test.

Those LIBZy that explicitly says that you have to play a platoon – let them be approx.
But why do those jobs, which does not say anything about platoons may perform exclusively playing solo – it Feil.
Why can not accomplish the task of “go into battle, causes damage to the enemy” playing squad?
What a clumsy encourage you to socialize when Druzyaka night instead of what would throw priglos platoon say nea we Tonight (tomorrow, day after tomorrow, etc.) job shtuga do, and they only solo. More precisely when we come to those tasks 2-3, when the platoon – then it will be possible platoon.
This is a bug.

What’s wrong with a battering ram? Again, the loss of XP at the slightest contact with the other tanks.

Even in the saloletikah have solid information in terms of sight and not those indistinguishable dots, tanks he planned? So many fashion pose to see solid circle details in sight.
And yes, the inscriptions on the minimap to the tanks of the opposing team too pale – well, look at the battle on the river sand, for example, where they merge with the texture of the minimap. If you think that there will be porridge if the same color label and icon, then why green allies mess on the minimap not form? And Stroke certainly can be done.
Stroke is. If you look to the green we see that there is an inscription color different from the color icons.
Brightness for labeling the opposing team even increased slightly. The final editing of brightness has not got in the second test.

Michael dokladayu not on the test. Demolition Casper and its replacement by DrVeb solved the problem of 5-10 seconds. Frisians. 3 days Frisians not seen.
Kasper are working on that issue.

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