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  • correctly, visually displayed in the game client, the length of 122mm guns BL-TT 8 9 Soviet IS-3 level, check;

  • situation in the game, when rebounding projectile flies straight up – it’s not a bug, and not a feature, it has long been so. The effect does not know about the trajectory and bounce randomly played in the side of the tank. Optimizing to avoid unnecessary data transfer. It flies not only vertically, and flies off to the side. How lucky, correct, alas, is not so simple;
  • concerning a possible further development of the situation with a sharp decline broneprobitiya – correctly say that unfinished work is not necessary to show it. It is too early to talk and discuss. Now while there are experiments;
  • why now, on persons with supertesta, the reaction is more violent than the general test 9.7 – because videonytiki reverberated around corners;
  • [1,999,003] is useful if Supertest project – very useful . Seriously,

  • machine-gun nest (“Apple”) in the German kollizhn model TT 8 level VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A fix when they remodel in HD. How exactly will be correct – yet can not tell;
  • situation with spans of shells through the tank is investigated. The problem. All replays are already disassembled molecules;
  • long-promised changes in the hangar, in particular, carousel tanks with advanced settings, dynamic performance characteristics – is still standing in the queue of development;
  • concerning fix leaks memory when Client is running the game on Windows 7 x64 – no report on the subject was not. So that the work had not been maintained;
  • visual display of the muzzle brake on the trunk of the American PT level 10 M48A1 Patton, correct, but perhaps not in patch 0.9.8. Such minor problems arise from the fact that the model of the tank did other people;
  • at this stage, “Confrontation” properly called iventorezhim.
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