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– Players noticed that the sound of gunfire new large caliber shells (152, 170-mm) in the test 0.9.4, similar to a combination of three successive sounds . Storm confirmed this observation, stating that it is – a ploy made into a film in order to improve the “strength” of sound.
– Storm does not know exactly, but it is possible that the developers are experimenting with the transfer to the WoT WWISE (new sound engine). & gt;
– Appearance IS-7 will no longer be changed, “the form of EC-7 in HD, has become more powerful than the old one.”
– famous and well-known fountain in Stalingrad with children playing will not be present on the map of the same name, as it did not correspond to a segment of the city, which was modeled.
– The developers are still working on XP for tanking armor.
– The appearance of T-34-3 will not vary by more than it is in the first iteration of the test 0.9.4.
– Remember, a correspondent of this video Igromira? Russian players learned that she “took part in the filming of” movie for adults, so to speak.
– With regard to the program “Recruitment”, it will not be used for training twinks players due to limitations.
– Stalingrad will in the first game without Havok.
– +/- 1 MM will not be introduced.
– Map of Stalingrad will be available soon, it will happen in the second iteration of the test patch 0.9.4.
– Obviously, gun JS-7 is still in SD-quality (the developers failed to process the proper model for 0.9.4).
– Developers currently collect statistics to choose to receive XP when tanking.
– Storm knows an error in the test patch 0.9.4 where the shells fly through the tanks, this bug will be considered.
– Reviews of new sounds of gunfire guns are “contradictory” Storm said that half of the players really like it, and half – no.
– Fact that some tanks existed only on “paper” or were only prototypes, does not mean that they will automatically be converted to HD only after the actually existing armored vehicles.
– In patch 0.9.6 or 0.9.7, WoT goes to a new version of the engine Bigworld. Storm says that it will introduce a small increase in the execution for the game as a whole.
– Storm confirms that after the M4A3E8 will be remade in HD-quality, he will get the same armor as the current FURY.
– Changes ART-ACS will not be amended.
– If you do not have enough time to improve your fortified: “So you’re not the target audience for this regime.”
– Storm says that the sound of gunfire guns Large caliber test patch 0.9.4 are “realistic” and historical.

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